Are you installing your wood floors yourself? This is a brilliant DIY project that can give you some fantastic satisfaction when you are done. However, there are several steps you should never forget when laying new floors, and one of the most important of these is the wood floor underlay! Let’s take a look at why this is so crucial, whether you are paying a professional for installation or tackling it yourself.

A Crucial Function

The wood floor underlay plays a very specific role and you can’t miss it out, no matter what! Much like wearing hiking boots without socks if you were to go out on a hike, skipping the underlay would counteract all the benefits of your new wood floors.

The underlay creates a small barrier between the floor itself and the underfloor. This underfloor is often made from concrete or some other hard material. Laying the flooring directly on top of it will not be comfortable. It could also cause more strain on the floor as it won’t have anything to bounce against as people walk across it. This slight shifting of the floor is incredibly important, and underlay will help. Do you want an uncomfortable floor, or would you rather have something nicer underfoot?

Added Protection

An underlay is also important as it can add some extra protection from water and moisture. One risk that can arise with wood floors is a layer of moisture building up between the underfloor and the flooring on top. The floor could then begin to warp, and this can cost a lot of money to correct.

Most forms of underlay are waterproof, and they will stop this moisture building up. If you are vigilant in ensuring that any spills on top of the flooring are cleared up, you should not have any major issues with your floor.

Easy to Install

Finally, you no doubt chose DIY installation for the challenge. Luckily, installing wood floor underlay is no more difficult than installing the floor itself. Even if you have never put down underlay before, you should have no issues laying it out and getting it to fit right.

Many suppliers sell the correct underlay right alongside the flooring so you should be able to buy everything in the same place. They will also sell kits and give you a guide on how to correctly install the underlay to get it in the perfect condition for the floor you are laying on top.

Lay Your Floor Today

Ready to take on the challenge of laying your own floor? It might be easier than you first thought! With the right guidance and some smart choices, you should have no trouble installing the perfect floor on your own. Even if you get stuck, there are so many tutorials and guides on the internet to help you get back on track.

Choose your dream flooring and get ready to lay it yourself now. It is a challenge worth accepting, and you will get some immense satisfaction when you have finished installing it!

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