At first glance that headline seems a bit controversial don’t you think? Well hopefully I’m going to convince you that not only is it accurate but by the end of this article you’ll accept it willingly.
A few years ago I was dissatisfied with the career I had made, I was managing a company but not in control of the company. My ideas for expanding it were always met with negativity by the owner. I’d created a comfortable, albeit stressful, position for myself, where I had complete autonomy. I ran the day to day business my way and the team I had were great. Unfortunately there was nowhere left for me to go within the company and I didn’t want to work my way up in another company and lose that authority I enjoyed.
Something had to change!
I had to overcome my fear and go it alone, start my own business - from scratch. It was something I’d dreamed of many times but I was afraid to try in case I failed and jeopardised what I already had. Over a period of a few years I became frustrated enough to finally give it a go. My dissatisfaction drove me forward, spurred me on. Thankfully, it was the best decision I ever made.
Here’s the thing though, at no point was I ever actually unhappy. I was happy that I had a secure job. I was happy that I had control over my daily activities with virtually no-one to answer to. I was happy that my team were hard working and conscientious. I was happy that I had a nice home and plenty of time to spend with friends. But dissatisfied I was not moving forward, not pursuing my goals and dreams.
When I became a student of Bob Proctor’s ‘Goal Achiever’s‘ Program I discovered the difference between Satisfaction and Happiness. It’s held me in good stead ever since. Dissatisfaction is the driving force behind improvements. When we are dissatisfied with the performance of a product or service we look to improve it. This is an ongoing process as nothing exists that is perfect - not even life. Life is continually evolving, adapting to it’s circumstances - improving. No tool or gadget that you own has reached a point where it can’t be improved.
So, if you find yourself dissatisfied with any part of your life - welcome it! Realise it for what it is, a sign that you need to make a change, an improvement, maybe even a complete rethink. Making that decision might be challenging but at least you know a decision needs to be made. However, strive to find the happiness in everything. Getting back in touch with gratitude can help remind us of all the things we can be happy about despite our dissatisfaction.
I hope that convinces you that dissatisfaction is your internal friend urging you onwards.

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Stuart Young is a business owner, abstract painter, property investor, musician, ‘Change Your Mindset’ Program developer and author of 'How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time'. All of this happened as a result of one tiny change 9 years ago. A constant student, he aims to add Life Coach to that list very shortly. He lives in the UK with his partner, two dogs and a cat.

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