Dealing with a narcissistic personality is crazy-making, and leaves you susceptible to incredible and repeat abuse. A narcissistic individual who has you hooked is intimately aware of your insecurities and weaknesses and knows how to use them against you without any empathy or conscience.

A narcissistic personality does not respect boundaries, your well-being or emotions and is simply focused on receiving narcissistic supply (the significance of knowing how much he or she can keep you attached and affect you), as well as being able to punish you for not adoring, complying and acting in accordance with his or her False Self (entitled) demands.

In order to be able to recover from high levels of narcissistic abuse, it is essential to initiate and hold firm with No Contact. There is no way to get well, heal and recover when being caught up in the injustices, verbal maiming, pathological lies and various and substantial mistreatments.

Trying to make sense out of a narcissistic individual equalslosingone’s mind, and no matter how hard you try to get accountability and bring reason to these interactions the more pathological the narcissistic individual will become. Additionally you will be projected on to, blamed and accused of everything that the narcissistic individual is doing.

After implementing No Contact, if you do break it, the abuse will escalate. The narcissist will punish you mercilessly for trying to leave, feel incredible disgust towards you for going back on your word if you submit(causing him or her to treat you with even greater disrespect) or will act out ‘pay-back’ because he or she had to feign accountability and remorse to gain your attention again.

It is likely you will feel powerfully addicted to the narcissistic individual. It may be almost impossible and unbearable to stay away from him or her, regardless of the fact when you do create or allow contact that you become even more damaged.

You may suffer horrendous anxiety and addiction withdrawalsymptoms whilst trying to stay away, and it is incredibly essential to heal your unhealed parts (that are playing out this addiction with a narcissistic personality) so that you can disconnect emotionally, mentally, physically and psychically. This takes a great deal of energy and effort, and means getting your focus of what he or she is or isn’t doing, and getting your focus firmly onto reclaiming and healing yourself.

By implementing and upholding No Contact you have the space and ability to dedicate to your self-healing to create the love, approval and cleaning up of your fears. This creates the most important relationship you could ever have – with yourself. Then you will create a future with healthy, real and true individuals.

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