Since ages the prime source for any kind of furniture was wood. Reason behind wood being the most preferred material for furniture is that it s natural, it has pattern, it can be crafted into any design possible and last but not the least it looks marvelous after finishing. Though in the recent times materials like iron, brass, plastic or acrylic, concrete are been used to create different style furniture but they can never match the elegant, style, durability, vividness of the wood. This is the reason that till date there is simply no match to wooden furniture be it your sofa, recliner, dining table, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity, coffee table, bed, kids furniture and many more to mention here.

So wood is the preferred choice of people around the world be it people buying furniture in Singapore or looking for some antique wooden furniture in Japan everybody prefers wood for their furniture. But why wood why not some other material like wrought iron, plastic or concrete etc. Let’s find out why wood is the most preferred furniture material when it comes to decorating the home, office, resort, hotel or a pant house.

Wood last long really long: This is one of the prime factors why wood is preferred over other material type. Wood is naturally grown and has the durability to withstand any kind of environment be it outdoor or indoor. There is no need to take extra care of wooden furniture because if it is painted with polish to deter termites it can last till a lifetime. Whereas other material type like iron or plastic needs special care because both these material type cannot survive for long in harsh weather conditions.

Wood is Natural and Eco-Friendly: This is another unmatched advantage of wood over the other material type. Wood grows in natural form whereas other materials are manufactured through chemistry. Wood is biodegradable while other material takes a long time for degradation. So using wood is like taking care of the environment while other material used for furniture is harsh on the environment.

Wood can be Crafted into Any Form: Wood is not only durable, have patterns, bio-degradable but it is so flexible that it can be crafted into any design without affecting the overall look of the furniture. While other material needs special craftsmanship to be molded into different design but the process is very difficult for example iron is very hard to mold into any design and there are limitation in design types it can be molded into.

Wood is Super Cheap: Whether you want to buy a study table in Singapore or a wardrobe in China the furniture made with wood is super cheap than other material types. This is because wood is abundantly available in even the most remote areas of the world. So, wood costs a penny against a dollar of the other material types used in furniture making. The universal availability of wood makes it so cheap against the so many material types used in furniture making.

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