Your wedding reception Toms River is the key to making your wedding everything you want it to be. Planning your wedding is probably much more exciting for the bride - after all, she is selecting her wedding dress, choosing her maid-of-honor, and making all the plans so that when she walks down the aisle, it will be the most beautiful experience of her life. The details, of course, are extremely important; however, the next step is the wedding reception.

There are so many considerations involved in planning a wedding reception. Since the tradition is for the brides' family to pay these costs, this might be the best place to start - set the cost of what you can afford for the reception. The amount of money you have to spend will determine if your guests will be attending the local country club and being served a three-course meal; or, if it will be a more simple reception to be held in the backyard of the home of the parents. The reception should not become such a financial burden that the parents will suffer in the years ahead of the expense.

Despite the amount of money to be spent on the wedding reception Toms River, there are ways to offer extravagance while cutting expense. No law says that you must offer a sit-down dinner. You might choose to be more creative by having an early day wedding ceremony followed by a brunch. If you offer a champagne breakfast your costs for meals will be considerably less than a dinner. Another alternative is to offer your guests a cocktail party. You can offer drinks along with an assortment of tray-foods. If your heart is set on a sit-down dinner, opt for a delicious meal featuring chicken. You will discover that the cost will be considerably less than if you choose beef or lamb.

If you have an open bar for your wedding reception Toms River, the cost will be more than even you might have considered. Instead, offer your guests signature drinks. This will eliminate the need for having a variety of wines, vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and so forth. Instead, offer two or three interesting drinks your guests can enjoy. During the reception, if you plan to have a dance, hiring a disc jockey will prove to be much less costly than having a band. It will also allow for a greater variety of music to be played so that all of your guests can hear some of their favorite songs.

Your weddings in Ocean County NJ will be special. Your reception will be equally special if you stop worrying about how much it will cost you and, instead, look at how many ways you can save money.

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