Article writing is an essential task which I firmly believe all new webmasters need to know about and then incorporate into their marketing plan.

Article marketing is one of the most accepted and effective ways to get traffic to your website or offer.

Over time you have invested a lot of time, effort, and money into your website hoping that it can effectively promote your new home based business.

The issue here, however, is whether or not the website will attain the proper amount of traffic needed for it to be successful.

The fact of the matter is that if you are willing to put the time and effort into effective article marketing such concerns will cease to be much of a worry.

Among the many different types of traffic generation and search engine optimization strategies available, it is not a secret to successful entrepreneurs that article marketing can prove to be the most impactful.

Being a professional website developer and I can honestly advise you that article writing and marketing is an effective way to get back links and get traffic flowing to your website however it can also be time consuming especially if you are promoting more than one website or have a nine to five job.

What is my solution?

I guess I could say that I find the actual article writing pretty easy but submitting them to hundreds of article directories is extremely time-consuming and problematic for me.

There are a large number of really good Article Directories out there that you can submit to however it sure takes time away from building your online business and so most new webmasters stop doing this important task.

I personally use an article directory submission service for my own websites and my clients sites because of that very fact and I highly recommend that you do too even if you are just starting out!

The article directory submission service that I use allows me to write one article then easily rewrite it twice again. So in fact hundreds of unique seed articles are produced from that process and they do all the bull work of submitting them to a huge amount of directories for me.

To my way of thinking the cost is low when you consider the time saved for mere dollars a day you can save valuable time, start to build your back links, increase your website rankings and generate volumes of targeted traffic to your website and finally realize profitability.

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