There is a lot of talk that is going on about brainwave entrainment. With these audio programs, you can easily improve your personality. It addresses physical, social, psychological and emotional problems. It has been proven to be quite effective in dealing with mood changes, relieving stress, increasing memory and concentration and changing of bad behaviors such as addiction among many other benefits.

To get the concept of brainwave entrainment clearly it is very important to learn of the types of brain waves.

Types of brain waves

In the normal functioning of the brain, it creates some certain waves, which have been categorized into five categories.

Gamma waves:

These brain waves have frequency of more than 40 Hz. These are associated with higher mental activity, including consciousness, breakthroughs, solving of problems and perception among others.

Beta waves:

They have frequencies of between 13 and 40 Hz. They are associated with cognition, alertness, arousal and concentration. High levels are associated with flight or fight, separation feelings, unease and anxiety.

Alpha waves:

These brain waves have frequency of between 7 and 13 Hz. They are associated with increased production of serotonin, light trance, relaxed focus, super learning and relaxation. They are also associated with meditation, access of the subconscious mind, pre-walking drowsiness and pre-sleep.

The brainwave entrainment mostly focuses on moderating the alpha waves to 10 Hz in the brain of the patient. This level is associated with the optimal functioning of the body and mind. Stress leads to the decrease in the levels of the alpha brain waves.

Children have high levels of these brain waves than the adults. These brain waves are at their optimum level when you are relaxed, happy and not stressed by anything.

Theta waves:

These have frequency of between 4 and 7. They are associated with creaming sleep, the increase in the production of catecholamine, which is important for memory and learning, emotional experiences, behavioral changes, unconscious mind access, deep meditation, trance and increased creativity integrative.

Delta waves:

These have frequency less than 4. They are associated with sleep without dreams, release of human growth hormone (HGH), loss of the body awareness, and access to the subconscious mind.

Why do you need brainwave entrainment in your life?

The brainwave entrainment is very important in life because it maintains the brain waves in the optimal levels. It can thus help you in the solving of the problems that come about in your life.

The brainwave entrainment involves listening to music of certain frequencies. Once the brain listens to this music, it tends to adopt those frequencies. For instance if the levels are high, it will lower them to the optimum levels. If the brain waves are below the optimum levels, it will raise them to the required level.

The brainwave entrainment also helps create a new pathway in between the cells of your brain. The creation of this path makes you capable of solving most of those problems that you meet in life without succumbing to stress, mood changes, frustration, anger or depression.

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