Why you need explainer videos for your business? How can you create catching videos? People ask these questions all the time when need to promote their businesses or products.

Explainer videos have long managed to create a trend. They are a key tool to influence people. Today you can create a video without having expensive artefacts to convey the desired message.

The appearance of audiovisual media in the modern world was a turning point in history. First television and then the internet has set a new way of seeing life.

Communication through the image, specifically through explainer videos, is an indispensable tool today. Most businesses have benefited from using videos to position themselves in the market.

Teaching has also changed their learning methods. Today it is possible to teach through effective methods, which use audiovisual media as a basis.

What is an explanatory video?

Explainer videos are an entertaining and animated form to convey a particular set of ideas or messages in a short time. They aim to catch the viewers' attention. They are conceived in the images and manages to understand the message faster.

By its compact nature, an explainer video should convey the main idea of the message in the first 10 seconds as it is the way to gain the attention of the public. The idea is to show videos in a particular and concise manner. The language or layout of images must reach all viewers alike.

Advantages of an explainer video

Studies show that the public is increasingly eager for audiovisual information given their web search trends.

Other studies indicate that the message scope is better when it is audiovisual than when it is simply discursive. A written material bores and loses the attention of the viewer, which minimizes their understanding.

The possibilities of getting a unique and original explanatory video are many. You have to be sure about what you want to transmit and create images that capture the public´s attention.

Explainer videos are used to tell how an online app or tool works, to show the characteristics of a product or explain any service.

Teaching also uses these videos to reach students more dynamically. Students in a class can receive content from anywhere, at any time.

Explanatory videos are easy to share. Some videos can go viral, especially those that are entertaining.

Why you need explainer videos for your business

Blunt explainer videos are crucial for both the companies already developed and the projects that are still in their first steps. Let´s see why:

With videos, you can have a higher presence on the web. If you have a solid business, you already know the importance of using tools to gain greater visibility into the media. Video is the most comprehensive tool for better positioning.

As for companies that are at an early age, having these videos is of great importance. The number of people who know the business will not be so high. With these videos, you can have a better presence. You can stand out on the web and significantly improve the natural positioning in search engines.

Why use informative videos on eLearning class

Online teaching allows user interaction with the material through the use of various computer tools.

E-learning video facilitates visual memory, providing information in a short time and comfortably for the student. Also, the use of images, videos, schematics, and other material integrated into a video encourages student motivation, facilitating active learning.

Using explainer videos in e-learning or face-to-face training can break the monotony. It motivates students and catches their attention.

Properly designed e-learning videos is a great tool to enhance the ability of students to make connections and solve problems.

Storytelling in explainer videos

Storytelling is a marketing technique that involves connecting people with the message you want to convey from a story. The public internalizes the message thanks to a story aimed at stimulating their senses and emotions.

The use of storytelling in explainer videos is the best possible content to make a product or service stand out. When you tell a story about your brand, product, mission, values, or customers, people can be like that if they have similar visions or values.

It's not the same to read a flyer announcing a business, as it is to meet it through animated images. Images remain in memory for longer.

How to create explanatory videos

Today you don't need to be an expert to create explainer videos easily. Thanks to the Internet and the different applications and programs it gives us, we can create high-quality videos for free. Here are some of the best apps to make explanatory videos so you can create unique videos yourself.


simpleshow video maker is an online tool that enables users to create explainer videos in just a few clicks. The AI-based video software is perfect for eLearning, education, and for companies for any business use, for example, to train their staff or for presenting a product or service in a simple way. It is also very easy to use.


This application allows creating explainer, animated, and promotional videos. It is designed specifically for teachers, entrepreneurs, and traders. The app has a plain and intuitive interface. Thanks to it, you can customize your videos with templates and share your creations on social networks.


Moovly is a web application that offers a friendly and intuitive interface to create animated videos, electronic cards, video presentations, infographics, and other animated content. Thanks to its free version, you can create unlimited videos of up to 10 minutes.


Vyond is a very interesting tool for creating animated explainer videos. You can make videos for marketing, learning materials, or anything else you need.


Wideo is a perfect program to impress your customers. It helps you create videos to catch the attention of your students or create better visual campaigns. It allows you to use your images and audio files and animate objects and text simply.


Technology dominates the world today. It even has mastery over business and teaching. Now it's all done online. Thousands of users are looking for information about businesses or products. Others are eager for information about specific topics. And everything, absolutely everything, just in one click!

One of the most powerful tools in the digital world is explainer videos. With just a couple of minutes, you can increase the number of spectators. People save time reading and take advantage of it by briefly viewing audiovisual images.

Explainer videos intend to be clear and accurate with the information they are offering. Being fun and original captures the attention of the millions of users who browse the Internet every day.

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