The entire world has talked about over the why should every company has its own custom logo design, how it helps business in creating its niche market, how it smiles at your customers, how it welcomes your audience, how it talks to them when you are not physically present, how it brings your business into life and gets together with clients and competitors. Yes, I am certainly talking about logo design and not of any human because this is how logo design behaves when you create it with complete consideration and through research.

When you go a little deeper, you will witness that every big company changes its logo as per holiday. We call it holiday logos. You definitely have seen Google holiday logos which they change throughout the year. About 40 creatively designed holiday logos were observed in the year 2009. They presented the theme of particular holiday in a very imaginative manner, which is equally personalized, cultural or global and informative. But the question is why companies have these holiday logos, what is the notion behind changing the original logos and placing the holiday logos? Why hundreds of graphic designers seem busy in designing holiday logos like Christmas, new year etc? Does it actually help business to target its niche market or it is just another way of showing how creative you are?

I am going to reveal why you should have holiday logos for your company and how it will help your company stand out in the odd lot of businesses.

Holiday Logos give a gesture ‘Innovation’

Change is the basic instinct of human, people can easily get bored by seeing oldy-goldy, dull and boring logo designs, so there is a need of fresh and livelier idea to capture your niche’s attention. Through your eye-soothing, intriguing and up-to-date holiday logos, you psychologically attract your customers and persuasively ask them to come again and again because you made them like you. If you value your clients, you sure will value what they value and desire.

Holiday Logos communicate ‘Togetherness’

There are several events throughout the year which is the reason of celebration and togetherness. Though valuing your niche market’s cultural events, respecting global festivals and celebrating hand in hand with them, will actually create a good will and friendly bond of your company and your niche market.

Many cultural, religious and global festivals i.e. Christmas, Eid, Halloween, summer, New Year, Holi etc are the ways to make a beautiful bond with your audience. When you value people from diversifying background you, you basically are expanding your business globally very smartly. Holiday Logos combine people and cherish one another, you and your customers.

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