As psilocybin mushrooms gain popularity and move into the mainstream, many recreational drug users are curious about how mushrooms can be incorporated into their existing routines. We can’t blame them! Although the body of research on the combined effects of mushrooms and marijuana is still emerging, there is promising research suggesting benefits when used together. With the increased accessibility of online dispensaries in Canada, it’s easier than ever to explore these new products and take your next high to new heights.
What Are Psilocybin Mushrooms?
Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic compound that is present in certain varieties of mushrooms. When ingested, these mushrooms can produce feelings of euphoria, sensory distortion, and even prompt introspective, spiritual experiences. It’s no wonder they’re referred to fondly as magic mushrooms!

The strength of psilocybin mushrooms can differ based on a variety of factors. For most people, colours, sounds, and objects may appear distorted after consuming magic mushrooms. These effects can leave someone feeling giggly, energized, excited, and in awe of their surroundings. Some may experience mild hallucinations.
The Effects of Marijuana
The effects of marijuana are more commonly known and better researched. When smoked, THC is passed from the lungs to the bloodstream, making the effects almost immediate. Many experience euphoria and a sense of relaxation, laughter, and an increased appetite.

Similar to magic mushrooms, use of marijuana can create altered sensory perception (such as brighter colours) and time distortion.
A Perfect Pairing?
Those interested in both marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms may be curious about their effects when used together. This interest comes about naturally, as mixing cannabis and mushrooms is one of the most popular drug combinations among psychedelic users.

Combining magic mushrooms with certain cannabis strains that are high in CBD can help reduce the feelings of anxiety and nausea that some experience when on a trip. Additionally, using cannabis that is more potent in THC can increase the intensity of a mushroom trip. This could result in more vivid and exciting visual and auditory hallucinations, which can be an exciting prospect for those looking to experience something new.

Keep in mind that the specific strains of marijuana and mushrooms used will greatly impact your experience. Browsing an online dispensary in Canada can help you find different strains to explore.
The Verdict
Mixing marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms can facilitate new and exciting psychedelic experiences, making it an attractive combination to try out. Our advice? Start slow and with minimal dosages. Since every person reacts to these substances differently, the user should do a couple of low-dose trial runs before moving to the next level.

The intensity of a marijuana-enhanced mushroom trip could be uncomfortable for those lacking experience with mushrooms in general. Stay within your comfort zone and work your way up to an experience that is enjoyable for you.

Getting your marijuana and psilocybin mushrooms from a trustworthy source is also essential, especially when trying new products together. Choosing a reputable online dispensary in Canada can help you find high-quality strains that give you a reliable high for your next marijuna and mushroom endeavor.

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