The better and faster your employees type, the more work they can do. However, typing is a skill that requires some practice. With a simple test you can find out how it is with the typing skills.

Maybe your fingers rattle with the speed of light over the keyboard, or there is still something to improve on your typing skills.

Free typing lessons for beginners
There are some websites offer free typing tests where you will find out how fast you can type. You can test your typing speed within 1 minute. Did you know that it is very important to be able to type quickly, especially in administrative jobs? For an employer it can therefore be interesting to know what your typing speed is. Of course you get the chance to improve your own record.

Please note: it is not only about speed, but also about precision. If you make too many mistakes during the type test, your precision percentage will be lower and your score will go down.

Why typing tests?
Can you type blind fast? You'll find out soon enough with the free typing lessons for beginners. A high typing speed is required for many jobs. You ask yourself: "How fast can I type?". Within a minute you know whether you tap quickly and error-free. For many office jobs it is important that you can type quickly, but accurately. Do you have a very high score? Then an administrative (job) job or another job where you have to write or report a lot is something that suits you.

How does this type of test work?
You type a text as quickly and error-free as possible. Time begins to count the moment you start typing. You have one minute to get as far as possible. Then you get a score for your typing speed and a score for your precision. Is blind typing really not really for you? You can immediately see whether you score below or above average. Maybe you will get the text flawlessly.

At which vacancies can I use my typing skills?
Can you type blind quickly and always tap whole reports from the loose wrist? In terms of administrative and financial, but also creative jobs, your skills come in handy. You can of course use your skills within (online) marketing, as a lawyer or in IT. So it's nice if you can type fast and error-free.

Should a typing course for children be compulsory at primary school?

It is not compulsory to offer a typing course or free typing lessons for beginners at primary school. A study by an educational expert at reputed University, shows that this causes inequality between young people as they get older.

According to Richard Brouwers, an educational expert says, the percentage of children who follow a typing course is even lower. He says that with a class of 30 students, at most two children follow a course. "And it is definitely a big disadvantage for students when they have not attended a typing course. In the first place, the children learn to type faster through the course, but it also protects them against RSI (Research Science Institute), "says Brouwers.

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Misty Jhones