A vision board is something that you should absolutely use for creating a conscious life. It is an important tool for the visioning process. When activated alongside aligned actions, your vision board leverages on the Law of Attraction to propel your dreams forward.

If you don’t put in any thought about your future, you are simply allowing external events to dictate and run your life. Hence, you cannot exactly blame God or the Universe if your life is turning out to be an unhappy one. However, once you decide to lead a life with greater consciousness, you are likely to find yourself experiencing more positive outcomes.

Why is Visioning Important?

Visioning is a conscious life planning process. You envision the ideal picture of your future self and how you would like your life to be. It involves having deep self-awareness, so that you can attain your highest potential.

Visioning is an authentic process, therefore. It is not about following other people’s dreams or trying to meet the expectations of society. It is about becoming awake to who you really are. You need to be true to yourself, which means owning the dreams inside your heart.

Why Make a Vision Board?

There are great benefits to creating one:

Fosters Clarity in Choice.

Life offers a buffet of choices. You do have options on how you can lead your life. It can be exciting imagining about living a beach lifestyle, traveling the globe on a backpack or volunteering to build an orphanage in a developing country. And yes, all the options are possible.

However, not all choices may be appropriate. You could also have a personal preference or some family considerations to take into account of. Leading a life you desire does not mean that you shirk your responsibilities from your family, especially when your children are still young. You want to make a choice that is in the highest good of everyone concerned.

When you make a vision board, you are signifying that you have decided on a direction. Perhaps it is a dream to run your own business. And so you make a vision board to depict yourself as an entrepreneur. Or it is a dream to become a movie director. In which case, you would depict pictures of movie sets on your vision board.

Fosters Clarity In Your Ideal Picture.

A vision board can contain images and/or words. These are the components that you can use to also describe your vision. By making a vision board, you are compelled to identify what images or words you would like to have on it.

You can choose pictures of the places you would like to be in for your vision board. Or you can also choose pictures of role models that you feel inspired by. Then, there are also pictures that represent the energetic essence of that which you hope to be aligned with. Examples include courage, love, charity, peace and so on.

In terms of words, you choose those that would elicit a positive emotional response. Hence words that are empowering, uplifting and in line with your vision work best.

Leverages on the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is "like attracts like". It simply means that you attract a similar or "like" vibration based on what you are also vibrating.

Creating a vision board is a statement of your intent. You are making a request to the Universe about your dream. Because visioning often involves stepping up, you are also affirming that you are willing to go beyond your comfort zone to manifest your dream.

Your vision board keeps you reminded about how you would like your future self to be, do and/or have. You are infused with a cocktail of positive emotions when you look at it. Even though it is currently a dream about your future, you are joyful in the here and now. It feels as if your dream has already turned into reality.

Being happy in the present moment is a great thing. You are happy even though you have not actually physically attained your dream or reach your destination yet. Joy is a positive feeling that multiples the power of the Law of Attraction activating in your favor.

Don't Live Life Without It

You cannot do without visioning or a vision board if you want to take charge of your life. It helps you with realizing your potential. You develop self-awareness through learning from the past, and discover who you can possibly be.

Ultimately, visioning leads you to building a life of passion and purpose.

You gain the ability to create an awesome life for yourself.

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Evelyn Lim is dedicated to the vision of inspiring heart-centered living. She helps people align with their inner power through self-love and loving life. Specifically, she enjoys sharing about the law of attraction, creativity, loving the self, meditation and abundance.

Evelyn Lim is a certified life coach, energy therapist, Master NLP practitioner, intuitive consultant and published author. Get a free guide on how to make a vision board and an activate abundance guided visualization here http://www.VisionBoardGuide.com