What can rival the urge to receive 100% service satisfaction? Mixbook.com guarantees you a good experience in preparing your happy 
holiday card templates. The card templates are prepared on the blank canvas materials of highest-quality standards. The papers are considered heavy-weight and sourced based on sustainability requirements.

Occasions form an integral part of daily lives. Sending your loved ones the best happy holiday card templates, shouldn't be a tough activity with too much time consumption. Mixbook.com manages your quality service provision with its vast benefits. The following are the reasons why you need to Mixbook. 

Ease of use

Making your holiday card template should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, most websites which offer this type of service make it difficult. Good news is that Mixbook is different; they make it easy. First, creating an account with Mixbook.com is easy. As a new client, you have the option of using your Facebook account details to login or by using your favorite email account. Signing up with your Facebook account saves you a lot of time.

Another advantage of Mixbook.com is the availability of different card dimensions to choose from. The website gives you nine card options to choose from to fit all of your details with great content display experience. Moreover, the website gives you an opportunity to test good UI (user interface) experience. You don't need to speed too much time going through the services offered by the website. Lastly, there are enough card template options for you in case you decide to try making cards for different occasions.


Every customer looks for a service provider with the highest level of convenience. You won't go wrong in choosing Mixbook. Service delivery time doesn't have to take ages. Some rivals to Mixbook give white lies in delivery time, and worst of all, they give you poor quality at the end. With Mixbook.com you have 1-2 days to wait to have your card delivered, unlike other similar websites.

Great customer support is highly recommended by many customers. At Mixbook.com, the technical support team has mastered what is required to deliver a great customer experience at any time. The online live chat tool helps customers to seek support from the technical team at their convenience. This offers consumers with limited knowledge the chance to receive clarification on exactly what they need.

Customer Service Quality

Mixbook.com prioritize service quality in different ways. The card material is of high quality, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The certification guarantees the best product and service standards. Customization is highly regarded by the company, you get to do many design things alone. You can change the card background, layout to either portrait or landscape, or add impressive stickers. All those are things you will enjoy when you decide to work with Mixbook.com in designing a happy holiday card template.

Mixbook.com takes you throughout the entire production process easily and quickly. It achieves this by providing an easy to navigate website and creating editing tools which are simple to use. Filters on the website help the customer to narrow down what they exactly want through minimizing unnecessary details on the website UI.

Look forward to creating an impressive happy holiday card template with Mixbook.com. You will have the best experience and receive a great, quality product.

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