Video marketing helps you to express the advantages of your product or service with very little effort. People visiting your website are more likely to click on a video than read a bunch of text.
Some businesses are reluctant to use video because they think the cost to produce one is too high. Anyone with a webcam, smartphone, and internet connection can create great videos at no cost. Videos do not need to be to be expensive to be effective.

Another reason business owners have trouble using video is they can’t come up with any ideas on how or what to record. What they don’t know is that you can easily repurpose content already available to generate a simple video. One super simple way to do this is to use a service called Article Video Robot. It is cloud based software that will quickly and easily turn your web content, into a slide based video complete with a voice over! It will also allow you to download the slides or place them onto Slideshare and LinkedIn.

Not all of your content needs to be pre-scripted. You can also create videos on the fly with your webcam or even your cell phone. Periscope is a cell phone app connected to twitter which is gaining crazy momentum. People are addicted to “behind the scenes” video as well as heros looking like everyday people. Probably the biggest draw people have to Periscope is that they can ask questions via their twitter account. This allows the broadcasting business owner to get a true to life understanding of what is happening inside the heads of their customers. Combined with the free service called Katch, business owners can very quickly and easily create videos for which capture the attention of their prospective clients “on the fly.”

Thinking outside the box, you can have a lot of fun creating music, karaoke or dance videos with your staff and customers. These off the cuff fun videos have great potential to go viral. Not only will you get exposure for your business, but you will show potential customers the “fun” side of your business. Not all of your videos need to be super creative but some consistency will help you build your brand. If the components of your video marketing plan are wildly different, there will be no sense of association with your company and people will forget who they are watching. Keep the same uniform, tie, or hat. Use the same background that lists your company name, or always start and end with the same phrase. Better yet, create a series of videos which will educate consumers about your product or service. By uploading a weekly video, you give consumers a reason to revisit your site on a regular basis as well as share it with their friends.

Video content is so easy to do and has such a great ROI why would you have a marketing plan that doesn’t include it? Get started doing something with video now and discover the wealth of new customers who already “feel like they know you” just around the corner.

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Brenda Trott , known as the “Make Money In Your Sleep Girl” helps small business owners stop cold calling by coaching them to be the “go-to” person in their field.through social media, book publications and public relations. She also helps them develop a diverse income where they too can make money in their sleep. When she isn’t shuttling her kids all over town, she can be seen eating raw cookie dough while her four 4-legged friends keep a watchful eye. Author of several how to media marketing books and nominated the best Social Media Strategist in Houston, she has been called upon by ABC radio and other media venues to chime in on the ever changing world of social media. She founded Done4U Media to promote businesses and their owners through attraction marketing and also offers classes to those who are not yet ready to give up their own marketing hat.