Once a friend told me that he lacks self confidence because people think that he is a loser. I told him why not try to do something and prove them all wrong.

He told me that he believes that they are saying the right thing because it’s not just the opinion of one of them but it’s the opinion of all of them combined.

What about you ?

While this is not a true story yet it must have happened to you in a way or another.
How many times have you changed your opinion about yourself because more than one person agreed on something?

In the ultimate guide to becoming rich I explained how many times people change their opinion of a great business idea they were about to start just because others went against them.

Some people have came to a conclusion that they are not interesting, intelligent or even worthy just because others were against them in a way or another.

The question I must ask you now is, do you think that if most people agreed about one thing then this thing will be right?

Let me ask you the question in another way, will you follow people if most of them moved in one direction?

I would strongly recommend that you follow people when:

1)When you find everyone in the streets happy and singing: When everyone around you becomes very happy, when you never hear of depression and when all people start singing in the streets then follow them blindly

2)When you find that everyone around you is rich : When you find that all people around you are rich , wealthy and driving Ferraris then follow them without thinking because they are saying the truth

3)When you find that people have solved their own problems: When you find people problem free, capable of facing life challenges and are 100% completely satisfied with their lives then follow them blindly

1)Because most people are miserable
2)Because most people aren’t rich
3)Because most people aren’t successful
4)Because most people are unhappy with their lives


Believe in yourself, keep perusing your goals and never allow miserable people to shake your self confidence.

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