It is thought that the extremely popular app Instagram gains a new user every single second. The app has only been in existence for a couple of years, but it has definitely been making waves ever since.

Recently acquired by Facebook for a staggering $1billion, and used by more than 40 million people (as of April 2012), could download instagram videos become the most popular photography app of this year's Olympic Games?

It certainly seems as though it might be: already, if you visit Twitter, you can search hashtags such as #torchrelay and #londonolympics and see a significant number of relevant Instagram photos.

There is even an official Olympics' Instagram blog, which suggests that the app could well be one of the big ways to capture and share the experience of the upcoming 2012 Games.

More than a billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram so far, and every day, upwards of five million new photos are added according to an infographic on the Digital Buzz blog. That works out at 58 photos being uploaded every single second.

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