Turmeric – that sunset yellow spice you usually see as the main ingredient for curry recipes and popular Asian meals. You may have heard of the health benefits of adding turmeric to your diet or even tried some yourself. Turmeric supplements and drinks as fancy as turmeric lattes have been becoming increasingly trendy. One of the main reason’s turmeric has become a staple ingredient in various items is due to its fantastic health benefits. In fact, turmeric helps aid numerous ailments such as common colds, viruses, indigestion, inflammation, joint pain, and irritable bowel syndrome. Due to its healing properties, the uses for turmeric have been expanding. Turmeric face masks have been introduced into the world of skincare, and it will never be the same!

The Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

While other countries have been utilizing the magic of turmeric for ages, the Western world has more recently started a movement to offering cleaner, natural products. Beauty products containing pure ingredients are more sought after these days, so the turmeric face mask is a perfect fit! Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidants are among the powerful benefits found in the turmeric plant. These healing properties aid in various skin impurities, including:

  • Preventing acne
  • Brightening under-eye dark circle and other dark spots
  • Reducing the effects of eczema and psoriasis
  • Reducing the presence of acne scars
  • Healing wounds


What will a Turmeric Facial Mask do for Me?

If you have any dark circles under your eyes, you probably know they aren’t the easiest to get rid of. Beauty sleep? Try introducing a natural beauty remedy with that! Turmeric face masks leave the skin with a gleaming and radiant glow. Since turmeric contains powerful antioxidants, it helps your skin absorb all the wonderful properties that result in a brighter complexion.

Reduce and Prevent Inflammation

Turmeric’s active ingredient is curcumin, which is responsible for the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents. Curcumin’s properties have been shown to drastically improve symptoms of skin conditions, like psoriasis. Psoriasis itself is an autoimmune disease that triggers widespread inflammation throughout the body and affects the skin with reddish patches of dry, flaking and cracking skin. The anti-inflammatory aspect of turmeric helps heal these cracked skin spots and reduce the appearance of scaly skin. People living with psoriasis have seen an improvement in their skin in as little as 9-12 weeks of routine use. Since turmeric is also natural in its attributes, it may prove worthwhile to try it out yourself for handling and minimizing your psoriasis manifestations.  

Say Goodbye to Acne

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory features are a two-in-one deal! In addition to reducing inflammation, these properties also aid in fighting off bacteria that contribute to breakouts. Our skin comes in contact with so many products and acne-causing situations on a daily basis: cosmetics, environmental pollutants, hormonal changes, sweat, oil secretions, poorly made beauty products, harsh chemicals, the list goes on and on. It’s not surprising to think of all the bacterial build-up happening within the depths of our pores. Even when washing your face, how much of that gunk is really being cleaned? Most likely, the answer is not enough. This is why facial masks provide an additional, deep clean effect to leave our faces fresh, rejuvenated, and ready to breathe! Acne scars also benefit from turmeric use. Turmeric helps in reducing the appearance of acne scars while also preventing them from occurring again.

Take Away

Seeing that turmeric use can contribute significantly to your wellness and beauty routine, why not give it a shot? Wash out those pores, reduce inflammation and puffiness, dimmish discoloration and eye bags, and give your skin a healthy glow that’s Instagram worthy without any filter! Appropriately used, turmeric could benefit your skin in countless ways. Give a turmeric facial mask a go; it may just become your ‘go-to’ beauty product!

Author's Bio: 

Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.