As a customer if you are considering to buy a large screen display device competition is hot among 4K TV and 4K Ultra HD projector. After all, the closer you can get to a cinema-like experience, the better. In the past, buying a 4K Ultra HD projector was a luxury considering it was considered elitist in India to have cinema at home and non availability of appropriate content.

Year gone by has accelerated many transformative trends, he very definition of entertainment has changed and how consumers are consuming it has changed. Now the users are experiencing buffer free video streaming and disruption free consumption of content. This robustness of technology has paved path for 4K content consumption.

Now the most common question is what is difference between Full HD & 4K. As per the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) definition of 4K Ultra HD resolution states that the display resolution must have at least 8 million active pixels. Imagine it in this way that on a chalkboard a Full HD will have 2 million active pixels and in the same space 4K resolution will have more than 8 million, hence the image quality would be much superior in 4K resolution. If we have to say where we had to look for 4K content 2 years back it was difficult, but now it is streaming directly into the house holds and in ample variety.

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