Is your workout routine getting stale and boring? Are you dreading going to the gym? If this is the case then you probably need to change your workout routine.

We all have our exercise habits. We warm up for 10 minutes before we workout. We then go to our stepping class or aerobics class for 60 minutes. After we complete our class maybe we cool down by using an elliptical for another 10 minutes. It is sort of like rinse, cycle and repeat. The workout becomes boring and we decide not to go because we are bored.

If I just described your workout then you probably need to change your fitness program. Many people are accustomed to doing the same fitness program day in and day out. We enjoy the stability of workout. Besides we do not like change because change can be difficult.

Change Fitness Plan Today

Change your fitness planf today by doing the opposite of what you currently do each day. Workout on your own if you usually go to a stepping or biking class each day. Maybe lift weights or run around the track instead of attending a class.

Now if you currently lift weights the obvious choice would be to join a class for a week or two. The idea is to change your routine. By changing your fitness program you will regain your enthusiasm for the old fitness program. Another benefit is you have added a new workout you can use occasionally.

Do You Like to Eat Same Food Everyday

The #1 reason why I change my fitness program has to do with eating. Do I like to eat steak? Yes. Would I get bored of steak if I ate it everyday? Yes. Well the same thing goes for your fitness program. Too much of a favorite food is the same as using the same fitness program everyday. After a certain amount of time we will not like the sight of steak or our fitness program.

Make the decision today to do a completely different exercise routine. By making the change you will notice increased stamina and energy from doing something completely different. It is funny because I will see women and men at the gym riding the bike or using and elliptical machine for the same 30 to 60 minutes day in and day out.

I want to smack them upside the head and ask them why they keep doing the exact same workout everyday. They look bored and tired. Some even look as if they are putting in time in jail. They methodically workout for their time and get off machine and then head home. How fun can that be?

Action Item: Go lift weights if you never lifted weights. If you always lift weights go run around the track or join a class. Try something you never did before. If you do not like the new fitness program then go back to your old fitness program. Remember we can change our workout routine anytime we want.

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