There is no surprise in the fact that people love their pets just like they love their children. And not only this but when it comes to dogs, they have the same feeling towards their masters. The cherry on the cake is, pets help in lowering the blood pressure and improve health. They even help in lowering the cholesterol level as they are a great work out buddies and they keep you busy all the time. According to research, about 70% of pet owners said that their pets helped them in boosting up their mental health and they make them happy. Millions of families all around the world today are living with pets, especially dogs and cats. And wherever they go, they take their pets along with them just like their kids. But what about long-distance travel??

There is no need to worry. The answer to that question is the pet ground transportation cross country services. These facilities are specialists in transporting the pets, making sure that they are safe and secure during that move or travel. 

Let us understand more about how these pet ground transportation cross country services can benefit you and especially your beloved pets.


  • CPR-Trained Ground Pet Transport Specialist

Research showed that only 54% of Americans understand a way to administer CPR on others and even fewer understand a way to administer CPR to pets. Moving and traveling can be stressful for pets, especially long-distance traveling. Even though moving stress can not cause a heart attack but it can contribute to other elements that can cause a cardiac arrest. So, it is good to leave your pet in the hands of CPR trained movers and pet ground transportation cross country services.


  • Quickest Way of Moving Your Pets

These transporters offer door to door services. They will pick your beloved pets from the specified address that you provide them like the home address or any other specified address. The reliable mover will carefully and nicely transport your pets to the new address. These services along with ground transport also offer air transport services.


  • The safest way to transport your beloved pets

Pet ground transportation cross country services will keep you posted on the whereabouts of your pets, they will send you pictures and videos of your pets’ safety and security throughout the journey. This will keep you at ease knowing that your beloved pets are in the right hands. You can also track the location, you can call the driver at any time of the day. Most importantly, in your absence, your pets will be fed properly, they will be given the food that you choose for them or have prepared for them, and will be given plenty of water throughout the journey.

Now, it depends on the kind of package you’ve selected for your pet, they might be accompanied by other pet animals in the journey. This package will be the most convenient one when it comes to finances. Although the trip might extend a bit as the movers will pick up a few other pet animals along the way and will drop off a few animals to their respective places. You can also add GPs tracking in your package so you can be sure about where your pets are and you can also cross-check the location by calling the driver any time.


  • Availability of Facilities

If you want your pets to be really comfortable and you want to spend some extra money on their comfort then now is the time. Pet ground transportation cross country services also offer luxurious rides and other facilities in their packages. You can choose the first-class services for your pets in which your pets will have a private ride without being accompanied by any other animals, with a nonstop ride. You can also schedule a date and time about when you would like to receive your pet. If the journey is long and your pets are dogs, the movers will walk them at least twice a day. Your pets will also have injury coverage protection if required in the case. 


  • Domestic and International Transportation

These pet ground transportation cross country experts know all about the rules and regulations and laws about flying the pets. They can help you with all the necessary documents like ownership certificate and health care certificate from the certified veterinary doctor. They will assist you in preparing you and your pets with their first flight, they can even book the best suitable flights for your pets.

These movers have tie-ups with major airlines so they are quite familiar with their rules, terms, and other restrictions. 


  • Prevent custom issues

There are lots of different rules in different countries when it comes to custom. In the UK, bringing a pet can result in 4 months of quarantine. This can be stressful for you and your beloved pets as well. So, having insufficient preparation can lead to penalties and quarantine situations for your pets. The pet ground transportation cross country services will help you to be prepared, will let you know the rules of the new place or country that you are moving into and will help you in completing all the formalities related to your pets’ transportations. You can rely on them because they will communicate with the country’s customs department to be sure about all the formalities and rules. So it will be easy for you and your pet and hopefully your pet will be spending time with you at home and not in quarantine.


  • Easy Transportation

People are no miser when it comes to their pets and their luxuries, after all, pets are like their own kids. So, you would definitely want to spent some money on their luxurious and comfortable transport. We suggest you consider spending money on the best pet ground transportation cross country services. This will help you and your pets in having a stress free time during the big journey. Schedule a hassle-free, safe, and secured, comfortable move for your pets with all the formalities done. You don’t have to worry and your pets will be with you in no time.

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