Just like a glycolic acid face wash; the active ingredient in this serum is glycolic acid. For a fresh, youthful and acne-free face, the glycolic acid serum is a great choice. Some remarkable reasons why you should consider using this serum are as follows:
• Exfoliating: glycolic acid, the active ingredient in the serum, is a reputable skin exfoliating agent. This natural exfoliant gently scrapes off dead skin cells. Gradually, it reveals the clear new skin beneath, generating a fresh and youthful appearance.
• Anti-aging: glycolic acid combats aging by smoothing the skin, slowing down the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. It cleanses skin follicles, given a generally smooth and soft appearance on the face.

• Regulating Skin Color: discolored skin patches on the face may sometimes develop on the face, as a result of aging, inflammation, sun exposure, illness, injury, or changes in melanin levels. Glycolic acid corrects this discoloration, restoring the natural, even skin tone. In cases of hyperpigmentation, glycolic acid fades the hyper-pigmented areas, peeling off dark marks or scars, also restoring balance to the skin tone.

• Skin Moisturizing: in a sense, the serum doubles as a moisturizer. This is because, after the active ingredient – glycolic acid – exfoliates the skin and reduces its excess oil, the serum balances out dryness, maintaining moisture.

• Deep Skin Penetration: in comparison to other facial products, a serum is made up of smaller molecules which penetrate into the skin more easily. This ensures that the potent ingredients in the serum are delivered at higher concentrations, further enabling their beneficial properties.

• Extensive Care: while other facial products must be washed offsooner than later, the glycolic acid serum can be applied and left on the skin. This insinuates that the serum is not only effective but also mild on the skin. It also ensures that the skin benefits maximally from each of the ingredients present in the serum.
It is clear that the above reasons are enough to consider incorporating the serum into your skin care regimen. However, if you have not used glycolic products before, it is advised to use this serum only at night for the first several weeks before using it during the day. This is because the glycolic acid present may cause oversensitivity of the skin to sunlight. After nightly application of the serum for four weeks, you may begin to apply it during the day.
Also, for maximum results, the serum should be applied after cleansing the face. This should be maintained every other night, for about two weeks, after which you can begin to apply every day. Once this begins, ensure that you also apply sunscreen.
Note that some people may experience itching, discomfort, redness or irritation with the use of the serum, due to the action of glycolic acid. Rather than immediately discontinue use, it is recommended that such people apply a light layer of moisturizer after applying the serum. However, if the discomfort or inflammation increases or persists, a visit to the dermatologist may be required.
Most importantly, it is necessary to understand the nature of your skin in order to make informed decisions on what facial products to use and how to use them.

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