What are the factors that could motivate you to seek clinical help in removing your skin tags? Before looking at the said factors, we need to start by briefly acquainting ourselves with skin tags. That is where we will come to learn that skin tags are, in actual facts, small tumors (swellings) that typically form on skin locations where the skin creases. You will find that these skin tags are actually harmless since they are benign growths. There isn't a lot of fear that they will suddenly turn malignant. They also generally do not cause any pain to the person who has them. Yet in spite of those facts, you may still find it necessary to seek clinical help for the removal of the tags. The succeeding discussion will focus on the specific reasons why skin tags are removed by many people.

The most popular reason why people are motivated to have their skin tags removed is related to something cosmetic. This is particularly true if you feel that the skin tags are detracting to your overall appearance, or if you think their absence would improve your looks. If the skin tags are in parts of the body that are easily noticeable, it becomes even more important to have them removed. Maybe you have come across people with skin tags on their necks. Such skin tags can interfere with their looks -- especially if they happen to be folks who are particularly conscious of their appearances. As a result, they look for ways - clinical or otherwise - to have them removed. You should never discount the people who actually make a living out of their looks, such as the models and celebrities. Those are the sorts of folks who can't take chances with even the 'minor' aspects of their appearances (including the presence of the skin tags in question here).

The second factor that may motivate you to seek clinical help for skin tag removal is something to do with the fact that the tags often contain HPV6 and HPV11. The HPV in both cases mean Human Papilloma Virus. The idea of their body being a host of these viruses does not sit well with many people. And understandably so. It does not even matter that the skin tags are benign or pose no health risks or dangers. They simply want the skin tags gone for good.

As for the third motivating factor, it is the fact that skin tags often cause a lot of irritation to the skin that makes people want to remove them. We have already established earlier the fact that skin tags are normally painless. But they can cause skin irritation, which makes the person who is afflicted of them to keep on scratching himself or herself at the 'tagged' skin locations. Many people are embarrassed by all that scratching. The only way to be rid of this discomfort and the ensuing embarrassment would be to undergo skin tag removal treatments so they will be gone for good.

Skin tags are also sometimes subjected to surgical ligation so they can be removed. They can also go for the procedure known as cauterization. If you are looking for other skin tag removal procedures, you should also try simple excision and even cryosurgery.

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