For centuries, gold has always been viewed as a symbol of power and of wealth. You would find them in kings’ palaces and in the house of the wealthy. Surely it would behoove you to know how to invest in gold. Here is what I have to say about that.

Why invest in gold? Besides what I mentioned above, gold has been viewed as more stable than equity markets. That is the general consensus and it has also been proven over time. Just check your history books. Whenever there had been a financial crisis and the value or stocks, shares and the dollar were down, the price of gold went up. Gold has withstood the test of time, and has proven itself to be stable and safe despite financial turmoil.

Now that you know the “why”, let me talk about the “how”. There are a few ways you can go about in investing in not just gold but other precious metals such as silver as well. You could buy and carry them physically, and you can approach organizations like Credit Suisse to get gold bars and bullion for example. However one of the drawbacks is that it may be a huge hassle to actually hold the items physically in vaults and most people would rather approach a bank to use the gold account.

While using gold accounts in banks is a viable approach, but again it has its pros and cons. An advantage is that you can convert the gold into cash at pretty much any time of your choosing. However the main drawback is that the service fees tend to be rather high. Over the long run, you could end up making your bank richer than making yourself richer.

Having said all that, my personal recommendation is for you to invest in gold IRA. This will benefit your personal finance long term as you are preparing for your future. One of the huge benefits of gold IRA is that you can enjoy tax benefits because your retirement investment is deferred from tax. That is a great asset to have! To go about getting yourself a gold IRA, you’ll need to invest in companies that deal with precious metals. Do your proper research on a few companies by checking their track record and calling them to find out more. Once you have chosen a good company, everything will be taken care of.

I hope you have a better understanding on why you should invest in gold and how you can do that. I wish you all the best in building your asset portfolio.

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