You should love your life because the Bible says God has given us richly all things to enjoy (I Timothy 6:17)! Unfortunately for many people, life is just made up of one struggle after another with little to no enjoyment whatsoever. Some may even resort to using alcohol, drugs, food, or sex to escape their unfulfilled lives in an effort to mask their frustrations, resentments, and sadness.

Why is it that so few people, when asked, “Do you love your life,” immediately reply with “What do you mean?” They should reply with, “YES!” Why would anyone have to think about it first? I understand there are situations in your life that you’re probably not too crazy about, but I’m not talking about enjoying your individual circumstances. I’m simply talking about enjoying your “life!”

Isn’t enjoying your life just a choice? If so, then you can make a conscious effort to love your life by really enjoying each and every day. A big part of that is simply being thankful for what you have.

Now I get the fact that you may be thankful for some particular aspects of your life, but being thankful for something doesn’t mean you should necessarily enjoy it. You may need a bigger house, a better car, or a higher paying job, but you can still love your life if you put things in perspective. Some folks don’t have a home at all, let alone a car or even a job.

According to the Bible prosperity is God’s Will for you, and prosperity can only come if your energy is positive. So love your life, don’t wait for your dreams to become a reality before you enjoy living today! Life is simply made up of time, so why squander it away with negative energy? Don’t miss out, life should be enjoyed now, in this very moment!

Do you realize that people who don’t enjoy what they have today will not enjoy what they receive tomorrow? The reason is simply because they have never learned how to enjoy their life! They’re always wanting something better. When that something better comes (if it comes at all due to a negative attitude), it isn’t long before they’re right back to complaining again.

Love your life starting today! Just decide. Be thankful, and don’t lose another precious minute being negative about anything! The more negative you are, the more negative you attract into your life. You must be positive to attract positive.

The only way you can be positive in negative circumstances is to “act” positive and love your life. Just make up your mind once and for all that this is it, today is the day I’m going to turn it around and start loving my life despite my circumstances.

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