You may think that as soon as you have finished work for a client that you can just forget about them and move on to find new work.
However, maintaining contact with past clients can in fact be a great way of finding new work or being referred, and therefore reduces the amount of marketing you need to do. You should therefore aim to keep in contact and ask to be kept in mind for any future jobs that may arise.

You can choose to maintain contact in a number of ways including newsletters, emails or by phone. The method that you choose is entirely up to you and should be the one that you feel most comfortable with.


You may decide that you wish to start a newsletter or you may already have one as part of your normal marketing. This can be a great way of detailing the work that you have been asked to recently complete. However if you choose to send it to all of your past clients then you can also use this method as a way of jogging their memories and perhaps finding new work with them.

Many people prefer to send an electronic newsletter as opposed to a hard copy because this can be a much quicker and cheaper method of marketing. It also has the benefit that you can create a mailing list of addresses making an electronic newsletter even easier to send! Try to make sure that your newsletter is relevant to all of your clients so that they want to read it and do not delete it straightaway.


Sending emails to previous clients can also be a quick and easy way of updating people with any news that you may have that is relevant to your career. This could include information such as new services that you have decided to undertake, changes to your current fees or containing information on discounts for past clients.

Phone Calls

Some people do not feel comfortable using this method of marketing with previous clients or feel that they do not have the time. This may be in case the client is too busy or does not appreciate the phone call. However, providing that you have a good reason for the phone call and are willing to keep it short then this can be a great way of marketing yourself to previous clients. If you do not feel comfortable doing this then one of the methods previously mentioned is a little more informal and may be better received.

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