In my many years of practice, the number of times I’ve advised patients not to hold in their urine is countless.

Going to the bathroom when nature calls can be a nuisance when we’re busy or nowhere near the facilities, but it’s important. You’ve likely heard the same advice from a doctor, or even friends and family, but do you really know the significance behind it?

The harm of holding in your pee isn’t usually discussed, but I’m here to explain what exactly you’re doing to your body when you decide to skip the restroom.

How well do you know your bladder?

First, let’s understand our bladders. An average bladder can hold about 15 ounces of liquid – if you drink eight glasses a day, which is about 64 ounces. Although there is not much research with regard to how long a person should hold their urine in for, it has been estimated that it can vary between three to six hours. The time frame is dependent on how much liquid you’re consuming and how functional your bladder is.
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