There is a common misconception that the older and mature you become, the less you will be required to learn. The reason for this perception is that you assume to have reached a certain age where learning is no longer necessary to thrive in daily life. You may also be satisfied with attaining a secure position that you believe will not require further skill development to perform your role. However, it is simply human nature to never stop learning. As you interact in everyday life, the experiences that you encounter are automatically part of your cognitive learning processes that is used to respond to other situations in life. Continuous learning is, in fact, anticipated as there is no such thing as reaching the peak of your learning capacity and you will always have more room to learn. Here are reasons why you should never stop learning and should develop an ongoing learning process.

Knowledge is growth. Without understanding and knowing, it is impossible to move from your current position. Through lifelong learning, you will be able to enhance your personal life and relationships with your friends and family. Personal growth involves improvements to body language and communication, listening skills, conflict resolution and resilience. These qualities and skills are also key factors that will enable you to advance your career and attain higher level positions. You will be able to grow within the role that you are working in and contribute to the overall growth of your company. Learning through interactions with people and experiences will allow you to take on leadership roles and enhance performance within a team and collaborative work. You will be required to be open to learning from people around you, learning from life experiences and professional and formal learning such as taking online courses. Upskilled ( offers a wide range of subject areas from IT, management to retail and can be completed at your own pace and is flexible around your personal and work life schedules. With all the available courses, learning is made easy and specific to your needs. Being backed up by abundant of skills, you will become a valuable member of your team. With the knowledge you have developed, you will be able to become a coach or mentor to teach others around you and share your wisdom and knowledge, growing your environment along with yourself.

Adaptable to change
When embarking on life’s journey, you may account sudden changes with your personal life that can detrimentally impact your daily way of living, if not dealt effectively. It is integral to develop skills to better respond to changes and create immediate solutions if not planned proactively. In a work context, new industry trends and changes to work processes will require you to be highly flexible to find new ways of adapting to the changes to create the most efficient and effective solutions for your team and your business. Ensure that you continue to update your skills to keep up to date with the latest trends such as technology, modifications in legislations and social and demographic changes.

Idea generation
Continuous learning opens the mind to new perspectives of yourself and the world around you. This will give you a broadened view to find ways to further improvements within your everyday life. You will be able to develop an inquisitive mindset and be open to new and different solutions. You can enhance your creativity and resourcefulness with the new skills that you have learnt for improved idea generation and brainstorming.

Skill degradation
An issue that people tend to encounter is the loss of skills and knowledge that deteriorates with time. Skill degeneration occurs when you are not actively trying to improve or maintain your skills. Overtime, you will end up forgetting how to perform previously learnt skills as accurately as you had been first taught. It is critical to continuously refresh your skills to update new techniques and approaches. It is often that skills may also be outdated, especially with changing trends and acceleration in new technologies that lead to new processes. Unwillingness to learn will only cause you to go in the opposite direction where you will not be able to keep up with everyone else’s advances and the world’s evolving progress.

With the power of knowing, you will be able to confidently thrive within your personal and work life. In the event you have been asked a question about a certain issue, you will be in a better position to know how to solve the issue, owing to the skills that you have accumulated. Through this, you also be able to lead a team or mentor more effectively, confidently responding to issues and offer assistance or advice.

Personal health benefits
Maintaining an ongoing learning mentality, you will be able to keep your mind in an active and engaged state. By challenging yourself to reach ambitious goals, you are continuously developing your personal and career growth. Through the discovery of new efficiencies in work processes, a higher participation rate will result in greater productivity, creating passion for the task. Explore fresh topics to help alleviate boredom, complacency and stagnancy, and to discover new interests and hobbies.

As individuals, your level of knowledge does not correspond to your age. No matter what stage of life that you are in, it is never too late to start or continue learning for self-development and drive. How do you think you will benefit from ongoing learning?

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