Honey bees and bee hives are one of the most important parts of the eco-system. But at the same time thy pose the potential danger of getting stung if they are present in the vicinity. According to experts of bee removal in Scripps Ranch you should never delay removal or relocation of bee hive as soon as you notice it in your premises. Apart from stung of the honey bee there are many other nuisances which a big and active bee hive can create. Some of the reasons for getting removed the bee hive as soon as you notice has been discussed below.

Size of the bee hive!

According to experts of bee hive removal in Scripps Ranch size of the bee hive becomes the major concern if you delay bee hive removal from your premises. Weight of a small bee hive may be negligible but it has the potential of increasing three times its size and weight in just half of the summer season. Queen bee lays eggs in warm months and it can lay one lakh eggs per day and continues to do so for the entire season. An active hive can contain around hundred tons of honey in its comb. According to renowned bee exterminator in Scripps Ranch, removal of such hive is not only difficult but also quite dangerous for people dealing with it.

Content of the bee hive!

According to experts of bee relocation in San Diego, content of the bee hive is another problem which a grown and active bee hive can pose on the remover or the relocate. An active bee hive has everything which is necessary for their survival in ample amount. It is full of honey, bee wax, larvae, worker bees, eggs and one queen bee. It is responsibility of honey bees to keep the hive cool in order to prevent the wax between the combs from melting. If the bees are disturbed at this time then the wax will melt and hive will fall creating lot of difficulties and mess for you. Another expert of bee nest removal in San Diego also tells that fallen hive will also contain honey which will further attract other insect to it. Apart from that honey will get fermented creating foul smell and chances of secondary infection in the premises.

Having a bee hive in your premises can also have an impact on its market value. It is always advisable to take professional advice for its removal or relocation as soon as you notice one.

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