If you look at it from face value, installing new carpets upon old ones does have quite a few advantages. It keeps carpet material out of landfills and saves on the cost or labor of pulling up and disposing with the existing carpet. Especially if the existing carpet was glued down instead of tacked, your preference is going to be on this method. Leaving existing carpets the way they are will add an extra layer of insulation for the cold floors. Also you won’t have the need to install a padding as the existing carpet is there.

Despite quite a few apparent advantages the overwhelming majority of carpet industry professionals advise against installing carpet over carpet. Here are these reasons;

  • Tack strips are hard to install

If a layer of carpet is left on the floor, you are making it that much harder for the tack strip to be nailed down. The anchoring nails in tack strips are about ¾ th Inch long and this is far too short to penetrate even the pad and the old carpet. The difficulty you face in laying down tack strips might in the end force you to rip up the old carpet.

  • Carpet, as base is quite inadequate

Any carpet will require a solid base for the proper installation and performance. If the base is improper, the installed carpet will be found to wear off quickly. There are multiple aspects to this but consider that the traffic patterns that have formed in the existing carpet will in time transfer themselves to the new carpet.

  • There is dirt and mold in old carpets

Studies have shown that mold and mildew in carpeting are made more prolific in the presence of dirt. With the right temperature, dirt and moisture can combine to form mildew and mold. If you choose to professionally clean your old carpet, you are actually spending the money that would have been useful in removal services.

  • Dual carpet will create additional floor layer

When you add an extra layer to your flooring it means you have effectively lowered your ceiling. Every inch will count when you are considering new carpeting. Don’t forget the fact that adding extra height to the carpet will ensue that the doors will scrape and need to be cut off at the bottoms. It’s better to let your old carpeting go in hindsight.

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