If you are looking to pursue a masters after graduating in Bachelors of Management Studies (BMS), look no further than an MBA. This is the next step for learning more about management, after studying its basics in one of the best BMS colleges in Pune . Let’s look at the reasons why you should pursue an MBA programme.

1. Focuses on management

BMS is a 3-year undergraduate course that focuses on the study of management practices. Some of these practices are employee retention, labour relations, and others. Therefore, if you pursue an MBA course, you will not only get an advanced understanding of this subject but also learn new practices in it. These practices will make you a competent manager and will help you lead your team efficiently.

2. Enhance your personality

Learning just management techniques is not enough. You also need to equip yourself with specific skills that will strengthen your personality and make you a respected figure in the organisation. Let’s look at a few of them:

●Leadership - If you become a team leader or a manager, you will have to guide the team through ups and downs while working in several projects.

●Communication - To explain your point concisely, you must develop excellent communication skills.

●Problem-solving - As a management professional, you will have to provide efficient solutions to the problems in your area of expertise.

●Team-Building - Again, you will have to chalk out activities that promote team bonding and motivates them to do efficient work together.

●Presentation - As a management professional, hone your presentation skills so that you can present your ideas convincingly.

These personality traits also extend to your professional career after an MBA. Hence, learning them in the BMS course gives you an added advantage.

3. Similar areas of work

After graduating with your BMS degree, you can work in areas like Finance, Sales, Operations, Marketing, Human Resource, etc., which also happen to be the major MBA specialisations. Therefore, if you are fresher, you can choose to pursue your MBA in one of these specialisations. Or, if you have work experience in one of the areas previously, you can choose to specialise in that. It will make your resume stronger.

4. Increase in salary

As a BMS fresher, you can expect a starting salary ranging from Rs 3 lacs to Rs 5 lacs per annum. But, if you graduate with an MBA degree you salary shoots up in the range of Rs 8 Lacs to Rs 10 Lacs (depending on the organisation). In addition to this, you will be holding a management role early in your career. These two factors make pursuing an MBA course right after your BMS a wise decision.

If the above-mentioned reasons convince you to pursue an MBA, enrol yourself in one of the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra or elsewhere. You will not only learn about management in great detail but also get recruited by a top company visiting your B-school. All the best!

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