Millions of people around the world smoke cigarettes every day. Cigarette is one of the top contributors to lung cancer and bronchitis. People who smoke also have higher risks of developing heart disease. Smokers have 2 – 4 times higher chances to develop coronary disease compare to people who don’t smoke.

It is important that you quit smoking cigarette because your health can become deteriorated if you don’t do it now. You have to be aware of the reasons to quit smoking. The more aware you are about the negative impacts of smoking, the higher the chance you will succeed in quit smoking.

Smoking can increase your chances of becoming mentally retarded. Research shows that mental decline can happen to men or woman even if they don’t have a family history of dementia disease. The poisons in the cigarette can damage your arteries and increase your chances of getting stroke. If you frequently smoke, your brain will decline at a faster speed. It is possible for smokers to develop brain tumor. This is because lung cancer can often spread to the brain.

Smoking can cause you to suffer from lupus erythematosus. Lupus erythematosus can also cause damages on the tissues in you body. Research shows that smokers only have a small risk of developing lupus. Most people who suffer from lupus don’t have severe symptoms. However, the symptoms can become severe.

Smoking can reduce the bone density as well. It is reported that women who smoke lose about 2.3% - 3.3% of bone mineral density. If you are suffering from postmenopausal condition, your condition will be even worse.

Apart from that, smoking can damage the health of the baby in your womb. The baby can suffer from physical deformation such as cleft lips. Sudden infant death syndrome is common in babies whose mothers smoke cigarette regularly. About 16% of babies that suffer from sudden infant death syndrome share beds with their mothers. Bed sharing is no good for babies especially when the mother smokes.

Smoking will cause your teeth to become yellow. The yellowing of the teeth is caused by the poisonous chemicals that are found in the cigarette. Some of the chemicals that are found in the cigarette include carbon monoxide, ammonia and etc. When you light the cigarette, the substances will burn and change into different types of chemical properties. The smoke which consists of the poisonous substance will pass through the mouth and leave yellow residue on the teeth.

People who smoke are usually under a lot of stress. They can’t sleep at night because of the side effects of nicotine. Once you quit the bad habit, you will no longer feel unrested and be able to sleep better. Many employers are offering bonuses for employees that take part in smoking cessation programs. Examples of incentives that employers offer include gift card, cash and etc.

As a conclusion, smoking can ruin your health and career. If you don’t want to have all these troubles, you should make up your mind and stop smoking right now.

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Hasic M is the editor of stop smoking journey, a site where you will learn how to quit and stay away from smoking.