What You Need During Your Business Tour in Colombo

When you are called to the paradise island of Sri Lanka for business you might have to find a place to stay in. True there are many hotels nut then you find out you might be there for more than a month and you know a hotel room would not do. The best choice is to rent furnished apartments in Colombo. There are many needs that you have that will definitely be satisfied by a serviced apartment. If you are like most people and do not enjoy having the same kind of food for a month then Colombo furnished apartments should be your choice.

Furnished Apartment Vs. Hotels

Since recently there have been a lot of debate on what is better. With people having different reasons for choosing hotels over furnished apartments like Crescat Residencies and vice versa. Whether on a business stay or a family getaway they both offer amazing service that will keep you satisfied no matter what. They both have their similarities and there differences so below is a comparison between hotels and serviced or furnished apartments:

  • Space – In the battle for space the furnished apartment wins hands down as you are given much more space when you have your own apartment that you can call your home away from your real home.
  • Price – When the main factor that influences this is the length of your stay in the city of Colombo. Staying for a few days it is said that hotels may be cheaper but if you are staying for a week or more experts recommend choosing Colombo furnished apartments. As it gives you a better 'bang for your buck' over time.
  • Productivity – When you at a hotel during your long business tour you might find it to be less productive. Eating the same food, looking the same view, spending the day the same way as the last. But when you choose to live in a serviced apartment you can do what you want when you want it with having to wait for a certain time to do it. It offers more flexibility as well. Many people say that over some amount of time they are more productive in an apartment than a hotel.
  • Food – Well it goes without saying that hotels offer amazing food from world class chefs in the country. But if you are like me then you should know that eating the best thing every time makes it less special and you are craving for a dish that can only be found in your home country. So you are able to cook what you want when you want it when you stay at a luxury service apartment. It gives you the freedom of choosing from home cooked food and food from the restaurant where as in a hotel you do not have that choice.

Rent furnished apartments in Colombo like Crescat Residencies is my recommendation, if your stay in a long or if you prefer more privacy. They both offer the same things like room service and a 24hr concierge. The choice you make should be the best for you and it should make your stay in Colombo as best as it can be.

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