Are you looking for a career providing strategic leadership in an organisation? Do you want to upgrade your resume after completing a Diploma level qualification? Do you have years of leadership or management experience in the industry and want to amplify your education? If yes, then the Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is the right pick for you.

This course will help you refine your skills in areas like planning, innovation, organisational change, risk management and leadership, it is a key to a successful and rewarding career in the business world. The Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is designed for students looking to develop a senior management skill set and leadership attributes across a range of areas, including business administration and management, general administration and business communications.


Organisations in almost all industries are looking for individuals with the finest management capabilities and real leadership potential. That’s why this comprehensive vocational qualification BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management is offered and designed by Step Into Training Services (SITS). Here our industry veterans will train you to develop the vital cognitive and communication skills that will allow you to analyse information from a variety of sources and efficiently communicate this to your team members as well as your seniors. As a part of the course, you’ll be taught the ins and outs of leadership and management through initiative, judgment and accountability.


Once you complete this Advanced Diploma, you’ll become more employable and equipped with the skills and expertise that employers in the market look for. This nationally recognised qualification entitles you to work all across Australia. Potential career pathways for graduates of this qualification include roles such as:

• Corporate general manager
• Area manager
• Business analyst
• Senior executive
• Business development manager
• Department manager
Human Resources manager
• Regional manager


According to Australian Governments’ Job Outlook Service, the number of people working as senior managers is expected to see stable future growth over the coming years. This large occupation is estimated to create around 15,000 job openings over the next five years with opportunities available in manufacturing, healthcare and public administration.

Get the leadership skills required to propel your career to a senior management role.SITS is a place for you to thrive, establish connections and build an environment with shared success to create an impact on the organisations in the world. Join the leadership and management workforce of Australia today. There are multiple vacancies across Australia for experienced and passionate professionals. Explore jobs and apply for a Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management right away.

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