For many of us, we would much rather sleep in and spend some extra time with our mattress rather than get out of bed at some early time in the morning when the sun is not even up. However, the benefits of waking up early far outweigh the benefits of staying in bed.

One of the greatest benefits of being able to wake up early the morning is being able to dedicate a little time to yourself in the morning, meaning you can improve yourself. Activities such as reading or learning a new language are great ways to start the day off.

One of the most obvious reasons you may want to wake up early in the morning is to be able to exercise your body. For some people, there is no better time as the day is so busy with all the different things that you have to do.

The morning is also a great time to get rid of all the little things that you may have to do during the day, thus being able to focus more on the big things. Take some time in the morning to sort out your files or clean off your desk. The morning is a great time to get that stuff done.

Morning is also a great time to really sit down and ponder life. Take a moment to slow down and think of everything that is going on. Reflect on yourself and the direction that you want to take your life.

Along with sitting down to ponder life, you may also want to try some meditation. Take a little time to completely clear your mind of all distractions and only focus on your breathing. A little meditation can go a long way in helping you gain peace.

There is probably no better time than in the morning to go outside and take a stroll through your neighborhood, or through the park, or anywhere that might be considered a peaceful setting. One of the greatest things you can do is watch the sunrise, in its entire splendor.

Finally, you may even just take this time to do something for someone else. It is difficult to find extra time to write some thank you notes or do something that might brighten another person's day, but if you leave your mattress just a little bit earlier, you will be able to find the time.

Waking up early is such a great habit to have, as you can accomplish so much by doing it. So do not hesitate to leave your mattress in the morning as there are so many things you will be able to gain from doing so.

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Cade Lennox is a health and fitness expert. He has written hundreds of articles about diet and exercise, as well as other health related topics. He recommends for the best mattress for back problems.