All people have goals that they want to reach even the ones who don’t move towards them. I kept searching for reasons that motivate people to reach their goals and ones that prevent others from reaching them and I found one interesting thing.
People who write their goals are more likely to achieve them than those who don’t write them down. In this post I will tell you about the benefits of writing your goals instead of keeping them in your mind.

Here are 5 reasons you must write down your goals:
1) Your subconscious mind absorbs the goal: When you right down your goal your subconscious mind will absorb it faster and so you will find yourself motivated to pursue it. The difference between a written goal and a one that is not written is almost the same difference between a day dreaming and having a real goal.
2) You will feel less worried: Nothing can make you feel less worried about the future more than knowing that you have a plan. Whenever we you are about to become worried remembering the plan you wrote will certainly make you calmer and more in control.
3) More Motivation: When you write a goal your subconscious mind understands immediately that you are serious about it. The action of writing itself proves to your subconscious mind that you already started pursuing your goal and this encourages it to motivate you to reach it.
4) Feeling better when things go wrong: When you write your goals you should write a backup plan as well. Now if things went wrong remembering the backup plan can make you feel way better compared to the feelings you would have got if you didn’t have a written backup plan.
5) Preventing procrastination: Procrastination can ruin your life by preventing you from going after your important goals. If you wrote your goals and then kept them in a visible place in your room you will remember them whenever you see the paper you wrote them on and so you will reduce procrastination.

So what are you waiting for?
Even if you are currently moving towards your goals still it would be much better for you to write them down now. So what are you waiting for? Write your goals now!

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