An interesting thing happened to me whilst attending the National Achievers Congress last weekend at Excel, London.
The final speaker before Sir Richard Branson came on and he looked amazing, fit, vibrant, full of gung-ho and positivity.
The guy was incredible and then he said he was 58.....blimey, he looked about 35!! tops....
Now we're all sitting up and paying attention, ha ha!
Anyways, he's saying about how to live a long and vibrant life making the most out of your time, your body and your mindset.
Then he comes up with his winning basic formula for his health success........pills?, no! Omega oils? No! Low carb diet? No! Supplements? No! Eastern remedies involving yaks? Er, no!
What is this mystery formula then, what on earth could it be????
Bananas..... ……………………………………………….. That's right, Banana's-That’s the secret formula!?! (well, that seems banana's in itself!)
1) Because they are full of nutrients and 2) because they feed the tongue (not the stomach) and tell us when we are satisfied or full up.
As I’m processing this information and thinking 'Well I could do that, eat bananas-that’s not rocket science is it'
I suddenly had a flash back to my mum telling me that bananas were the best thing to eat for a healthy diet as they had all the nutrients in them that the body needs plus they keep you fuller for longer.
Wow- I thought my mum’s a genius-a proper wise old owl!
But wait, what else has she been telling me all these years that I've heard but not really taken in or implemented?
From now on I’m going to be all ears and act on her wisely words! :) Thanks Mum x

So my question to you is - who are you listening to but not hearing?

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Loran Northey
Digital Coach