“If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs.”
– Tony Gaskins, Jr

Stop and think about something. This is important.

“If you had no constraints, what would you want your life to look like?”

• What would you do every day?
• Who would you be with?
• Where would you live?
• How would you feel?
• What would you look like?

If you answered that you are doing what you want to do every day, and that you are spending time with the people that you love the most in your life, and you live in your dream house…

Then hooray! You are in the top .00001%.

Congratulations. You don’t need to read the rest of this article. Go about your perfect day.

For the rest of you… here’s another question to ask yourself,

“If you continue doing what you are doing right now, will your life look like you want it to any time soon?”

Probably not.

What do you need to do to live the life of your dreams?

Is your job going to get you there?

Probably not.

According to “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” multi-millionaire speaker and investor, Robert Kiyosaki, “Living paycheck to paycheck is the most dangerous place in the world to be.”

His advice (and ours)… “Become an entrepreneur.”

Becoming an entrepreneur is one of the few ways for individuals and families to create financial freedom. You know… the thing you require so that you can have that perfect life?

You could also win the lottery, inherit money, or rob a bank. But if any of those things were true for you, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, though. There isn’t necessarily a paycheck at the end of every week. No one is going to tell you when to get up in the morning, or when you can go home.

There will ups and downs. That’s natural for anything… even your job.

But, here’s the upside… Remember your answers to the questions above? If you don’t do something to begin building your perfect life, the life you want to live, your life, then you will end up living someone else’s dream.

There are literally millions of opportunities out there. You probably have ideas and passions that you would like to pursue.

Your life is just that… yours. Yours to do whatever you want with it. BUT… if you are looking for true financial freedom, fire your boss – like yesterday.

Author's Bio: 

Don and Karla Silver are accomplished entrepreneurs, an award-winning bestselling author and recognized experts in Lifestyle Design.

Don and Karla Silver's passion is helping other entrepreneurs, or would-be entrepreneurs reach their personal and financial goals, sometimes through non-traditional ways.

With decades of experience as entrepreneur's Living a non-traditional life, Karla and her husband have, since 2008, lived all over the globe. As “luxury vagabonds,” they have lived in Spain, Lake Tahoe, Hawaii (twice), France, Acapulco, Mexico, Italy, and more recently, Palm Springs, California.

Both Don and Karla are powerhouse entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and internet marketers.

In September 2013, Karla was inducted into the National Academy of Bestselling Authors and received a prestigious Quilly award at the Golden Gala Awards in Hollywood, California.

Find out more about what Don and Karla do here: http://ourbusinessoverview.com/