First, what exactly is a CEO peer group advisor?

Running a company can be a lonely job that isolates you from others of your age. CEO peer advisory groups are a safe space for a group of CEOs or professionals of similar stature who ideally run companies that have roughly the same sizes and functions who meet regularly to discuss different issues, business and otherwise.

The group's exact nature is determined by its members and a peer group leader if any, who determines the personal/professional boundaries to be maintained and the content of its meetings. Groups are organized between non-rival CEOs, and confidentiality is ensured to encourage open honest discourse.

As all fellow group members have busy schedules, a CEO advisory group will not meet frequently but only at scheduled times. Sessions are chaired by experienced business people who can function as coaches, mentors, or simply as a CEO advisor and are ex-CEOs themselves so they can better understand your problems.

Often, you are required to meet a certain benchmark for a membership that can range from company size to annual income that ensures that everyone else shares a common background and thus can relate to other members.

Secondly, what are the benefits of such a group, and why would you want to partner with them?

- Groupwork to tackle problems – A problem is always best solved with many qualified people giving you advice about it. Teamwork and opinions from the group enable you to get a holistic solution and approach the issue from all possible angles and choose the most suitable answer that leaves no gaps.

- A support structure to reduce stress – Working alone can be incredibly stressful, especially for CEOs who have to manage an entire company. Membership of a CEO peer group gives you a support structure where other professionals will help you and give you honest advice with your best interests in the heart to know you are not alone.

- Personal and professional growth – Interaction with fellow CEOs leads to development avenues in multiple areas ranging from business acumen to soft skills. You are provided with a safe forum for open discussion that facilitates such growth.

- Networking and information – As you connect with your peer group, you will learn many things about the business world and the commercial atmosphere and gain the chance to network with and become acquainted with CEOs from multiple companies that might aid your professional dealings in the future.

- Motivation and support – As mentioned before, the support structure you gain will provide you with the motivation to succeed and excel along with the reassurance that you might sometimes need. Everyone goes through phases of self-doubt and fear of making mistakes, which your CEO advisory group will help you get through.

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