Having internal links on your blogging platform is a great seo strategy but unfortunately one that many bloggers tend to disregard! The fact is that most who blog are more focused on creating great content and either forget or dismiss the extra effort it may take to link their posts internally! Sadly however this one simple strategy is a tremendous way to share your content and in the end isn't that what it's all about?

Read more to discover 5 huge advantages linking internally gives a blogger and why this simple seo strategy should NOT be overlooked!

Helps Search Engines Crawlers

Google crawlers are more easily able to access other posts within your platform and therefore index your site! Make no mistake the ease of site navigation is a factor when it comes to being ranked and the higher your ranking the easier it is to share your content with the help of search engines! Who out there does NOT see the benefit of highly targeted traffic sent to you and at no cost other than your time! A show of hands please:-) Yeah, that's what I thought!

Makes Older Posts Relevant Again

Those old 'archaic' entries collecting all that digital dust in the archives can now be put back to work! Provided relevancy exists there are no elapsed time limits on the entries you choose to link! Great content does not tarnish over time and when the opportunity presents itself it needs to, and should be shared! Remember the effort, YOURS, that went into researching and composing your best entries, so used them when you can, provided they still offer relevance! Simply think before you link!

Provides 'Stickiness'

Linking really helps you 'further' engage visitors to your site and this 'stickiness' goes a long way towards developing loyal readers! If what people have just read is of interest to them it's likely they'll look for more of the same, don't you think? Well by linking to other posts it makes it easier for you to share your content and more convenient for readers to find their way around! One thing about people online is if you challenge them in any way they are likely to bounce to the next available site!

Provides Unique Navigational Tour

Every person does NOT have the same taste therefore the links they choose to follow will be different and allows visitors to create their own unique tour! It's unlikely any 2 visitors will have the same exact experience in terms of the updates they viewed so in a way, you're providing 'customized' tours for every individual! Damn you're good and I'll bet you didn't even know it!

Evergreen Strategy

This particular seo strategy primarily focuses upon improving the navigation on your blogging platform! Having said that and in light of what seems to be ongoing algorithm changes at Google, it is very unlikely this tactic will be frown upon any time soon if even ever at all! When you consider it makes your site easier to index and navigate for both readers and search engines, what's NOT to like about it? Remember as a blogger you of course want to share your content in any way possible, and this approach could be one of the easiest ways for you to do so!

Placing internal links on your blog is one of the last things you should do right before publishing any great content you've composed! Yeah I know it takes time to research and compose interesting reading material for visitors but this simple seo strategy will definitely help you share your content with others! The 5 advantages you can expect from following this easy to implement seo strategy are reviewed above and will hopefully encourage you to take the extra step to do so next time you post an update! Oh course if you do NOT want to share your content this is an excellent opportunity to save yourself the extra work but than again, why the hell do you blog in the first place?

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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