Does your business development strategy include building an online presence by blogging? For just about all types of businesses, having an internet marketing blog is a very cost efficient and effective way to increase sales!

Let's examine 3 indisputable 'truths' about the cost and benefits an internet marketing blog presents in terms of increasing your sales!

Incremental Sales

By including the internet community in your target audience you are positioning yourself in front of an ever expanding market! Additionally developing an online presence in this way can easily 'expose' you to a global audience and in a very cost efficient fashion! It literally cost pennies to operate an internet marketing blog along with the fact that whether your market is local or global in scope, your time investment remains the same! The incremental sales potential of marketing online is absolutely mind boggling and should not be overlooked!

Available Feedback

One of the greatest benefits that comes with blogging is found in your ability to receive comments and feedback from visitors! On an internet marketing blog this can be HUGE since this feedback can be used for new product ideas or even modifying current product offers! Traditional brick and mortar businesses refer to this as market research and it is something people are willing to pay dearly to acquire! As a blogger you get this information for free!

Well Worth The Investment

As previously noted above blogs are a very cost efficient way to market online and can be just as time efficient as well! Since there's little financial investment involved in the operation of a blog when compared to the profit potential it offers, this strategy definitely warrants serious consideration! In fact the only feasible excuse any entrepreneur could have to not make use of an internet marketing blog is a lack of motivation! Although this is feasible it still remains rather lame nonetheless!

Every business development strategy needs to be making use of some type of online presence to help build sales! The profit potential of operating an internet marketing blog is almost staggering and is quite possibly one of the most cost efficient ways to boost your profits! Reviewed above are 3 reasons why if you are not making use of an internet marketing blog, quite simply you're missing out! Considering the online community is global in scope it would be a gross understatement to refer to any additional sales as incremental! It all boils down to the fact that having an online presence seems to present only upsides in terms of profit potential, so get busy! I look forward to seeing you online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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