Import compliance has become a major issue since the passage of the Mods Act in 1993. The Mods Act shifted the responsibility of maintaining the order and regulations of the importing business from the customs department to the individual importers themselves. This has caused a huge learning curve for importers, because now they have to have a thorough understanding of the laws, rather than simply relying on other’s knowledge. Customs officials have maintained these new requirements by randomly checking import companies in order to ensure that they remain compliant. If you’re an importer, you have a few options to get up to speed. You could use import compliance manuals to stay legal, but there are also other methods to be sure that your company stays above board. Import compliance training is one of those methods.

What are Import Compliance Manuals?

Import compliance manuals detail the procedures that an importer must follow, as well as lay out the ground rules for an import compliance program. They describe both overall strategies for compliance and the way that’s routinely handled on a daily basis. They also address all of the other major customs issues, such as import controls, import procedures and import recordkeeping requirements.

What are the Benefits of an Import Compliance Program?

There are a variety of benefits to establishing an import compliance program (ICP). For starters, it will ensure that an importer can easily show their compliance, which should help to avoid any legal issues. It also will allow you to incorporate the laws of other countries. If violations are found in your company, a good import compliance program will lower the severity of possible consequences.

How do You Enforce Your Import Compliance Program?

There are many ways to enforce an import compliance program, such as establishing an electronic record system, hiring trained and qualified employees, and of course, putting your key staff through import compliance training.

Why Participate in Import Compliance Training?

Import compliance training is a great way to ensure that you understand the complex and ever changing rules of import compliance. With such knowledge at your fingertips, you can further reduce the chances of accidental violations. Import compliance training is done in many forms, such as import compliance webinars, seminars and electronic programs designed specifically to teach you the rules and procedures that you’re required to follow. These programs are designed to help you protect your company from accidental noncompliance.

With the laws being continually modified, and new laws being created all the time, it just makes sense to ensure that your business is fully compliant. And luckily, you have some great options to do just that. Whether you want to shift through important compliance manuals yourself, put you and your staff though import compliance training, or attend one of the available import compliance webinars, you’ll find that you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you understand exactly what’s required of your business. Check into import compliance training today to find out whether or your business is adhering to the new regulations.

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