One of the better aspects of Facebook is the ability to view which businesses your friends like. Simply click on the name of business that is on your friend’s wall and presto, you are taken to that business Fanpage where you will see the wall post where people and/or businesses have posted comments. At that point, you can make a decision to click the “Like” button or to navigate away from the page.
Some businesses have a Welcome page to greet you. What is a Welcome page? On Facebook Fanpages, you can create a custom page that only first time visitors will see. It is most likely the very first impression of your business that new visitors will get.

Consider creating a Welcome page for your Fanpage to greet new visitors. Even a simple page can increase the number of people who “Like” your page.
If visitors land on the Wall page instead of a Welcome page they might not get a clear idea of why they should “Like” the page. An effective Welcome page should provide the following:

1) Inform new “Likers” what to expect from your Fanpage – types of information they’ll find
2) What “Likers” get out of the relationship
3) What you expect from them (ask questions, participate in discussion)
4) Other ways to communicate with them/links to other Social Media
5) Who you are/what your business is

Welcome pages are very flexible and can replicate the look and feel of your website. They can contain a letter to new visitors and an overview of your business, as well as:

• A video of you or your product or both
• Testimonials
• The opportunity to sign up for a newsletter
• A free offering just for “Liking” the page

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Candy Sugarman is the founder of which works with small businesses owners and entrepreneurs build and implement their online marketing strategies.