Sales Force Automation is transforming the way field sales works across a variety of industries. Not long ago, sales reps returned to the office after a long day of field work to record the number and output of their client interactions. The end of day register was then analyzed by the team lead or manager to garner insights and issue further directions. Needless to say, quite often there were some important things that got lost in translation. However, mobile based sales force automation software aims to eradicate these inconveniences and discrepancies from the sales network for good. mSFA streamlines field sales and gives your sales reps real-time access to important resources that help in successful pitches and client acquisitions.

Here are three reasons why your business needs mobile Sales Force Automation:

Improves the productivity of field teams

Mobile Sales Force Automation can minimize the instance of lost sales, missed opportunities and customer disappointments. Your teams have access to every customer’s profile and specific needs on their fingertips. Thus, reps can engage with every customer in a more personalized manner. By eliminating responses like “I don’t know” or “Let me call you back on this”, your teams can significantly improve the chances of a conversion.

Allows real-time monitoring and support for field sales activities

With mobile Sales Force Automation, you no longer need to wait for the end of day reports from the field teams to gauge performance. mSFA software that are seamlessly integrated with your distribution management system allow sales manager to track field activities at every step in real-time. They can check the actual location of each team member, check reports filed by them during and after a meeting, and advise them with future course of action wherever needed. Urgent assignments can be assigned on-the-go, with access to critical details through the mobile Sales Force Automation app.

Significantly improves your customer service

Only happy customers make businesses successful. Mobile Sales Force Automation can help in creating a smile on your customers’ faces by improving your service and response times. mSFA also ensures that your sales team can focus on customer issues and feedback in timely manner. In turn, it will make client interaction more pleasant for your sales teams and help in cutting order processing times in the future.

Understanding the purpose of mobile Sales Force Automation

As discussed in the intro, Sales Force Automation exists solely for improving your selling process. Because ultimately, there is only one number that matters, the number of products and services sold. Mobile Sales Force Automation allows businesses to sell more products in three ways.

1. Prioritizing important tasks for field sales teams: By removing administrative hurdles from your sales team’s job description, mobile Sales Force Automation ensures they are not writing reports when they should be calling prospects, setting up meetings and working on sales strategies.

2. Facilitating the use of most effective sales strategies: With an always on access to important customer data through their mobile Sales Force Automation app, your representatives can quickly switch sales strategies, and explore opportunities to upsell without having to fall back on office support.

3. Allowing accurate analysis of data for demand forecasting: The data gathered through mobile Sales Force Automation also helps companies in the very important task of demand forecasting. Your sales managers can look at the data from the field to accurately predict expected sales during a particular period of time, year on year business growth, and increase/decrease in revenues and expenditure. In turn, allowing you to optimize sales strategies and aim higher.

Ultimately, a mobile Sales Force Automation software is not a replacement of your sales department. Instead, it’s a complementary tool that can enhance every aspect of your company’s field sales effort.

Outreach Distribution Management System with Mobile Sales Force Automation

The Outreach Distribution Management System (DMS) is an advanced supply chain management and Sales Force Automation software for FMCG, CPG and Telecom companies. The system comes with a mobile application for Sales Force Automation that allows real-time control over your field sales and seeds accurate field sales data into your database. Furthermore, Outreach DMS also helps you in streamlining your supply chain with real-time connect with distributors and retailers on ground.

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UBQ Outreach is a leading IT Solution from Ubq Technologies offering world class sales & field force automation crm to streamline your sales, distribution operations through automation and best mobile based sales force automation solution in world.