So you got dumped and you have a hunch that she wasn't telling the truth about the cause of the break up. Here's the 5 possible break up reasons that she might not able to let you know.

Three years and a half had passed since they were introduced by a common friend. But after going to the theater last week, he cried after hearing the saddest news in his life. She broke up with him for reasons he couldn’t exactly fathom. He asked her to honestly admit what was on her mind but she couldn’t do it squarely.

Are you as confused as the man in the situation above? Continue reading to fathom why your ex-girlfriend dumped you.

She reckons your relationship’s not getting anywhere.

Most women are after of emotional security and stability. If you flirt with other women every now and then, she’ll question your faithfulness to her. If you always refuse to make plans with her, she’ll see no future with you. No woman wishes to partner with someone who philanders and who lives to hop from one flower to another.

She found out the infidelity.

If she discovers you’re dating another woman or cheating emotionally, she’ll be very hurt and disheartened. If she splits up with you, it may mean she can’t contain the pain or she wants to give herself some time and space to think. The separation may also mean she isn’t ready to bestow forgiveness or she loves you so much she’s willing to let go.

She feels her needs aren’t addressed.

A man and a woman have different needs. A woman is happy with someone who’s always all ears and who can tolerate with the way she details her experience. She thinks sweet nothings enliven the relationship. Since she’s not straight to the point, she hides the real message between her lines, something you have to decode yourself. Oftentimes, her emotions rule her rationality. If you don’t pay attention to the nature of women, you’ll consequently fail to address her needs.

She wants to prioritize her career.

In the past, a woman is believed to be productive when doing household chores. As times have changed, she may have been inspired to maximize her potentials. If she ends your relationship on her way to success, she has predicted that it will prevent her from climbing the ladder. Further, if the situation calls for her to study or to work in another city, she might not be comfortable with the setup of long distance love affair.

She’s tired of the petty quarrels.

Having fights is normal and healthy in a relationship. However, too much fighting due to differences in personalities, perspectives and choices tire her out. If you don’t arrive at a compromise, your relationship will exist without harmony of thoughts and perspectives. She might think you lack compatibility and you’re not meant for each other.

A woman may have other reasons for ending the relationship but everything boils down to need dissatisfaction. You will naturally feel pained with her decision but in time, you’ll learn to respect the idea that she doesn’t want you in her life anymore. Fortunately, you are blessed with the capability to move on and the choice to enjoy your single life.

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