Many people say when they start the healing process, “I can’t get well and be the person I used to be”—Why is that?

If a person comes down with liver disease, cancer, heart disease, become obese or something else they have a long process of changing their habits in order to become healthy. Not only their habits but also their way of being.

Why Do We Need a Transformation to Heal?

Healing requires a transformation if we are to heal. Why? Because if we are negative, uncooperative, full of anger, lying to ourselves, and lashing out at the world… we will never do what we need to do in order to heal. We will not change our diet, take the time to exercise, get the sleep we need, and more. And eventually, we will go back to our old ways of dealing with the world… and disease will take hold once again.

Healing=Love and Love=Healing

Yes, love is healing and healing is love. We have to be loving and kind to the one we see in the mirror in order to heal. Healing=Love and Love=Healing. This process creates a vibratory change in our bodies that multiples our God-given health and wellness (light vibration which science has shown to exist) in every cell in our body, plus our mind and spirit.

Self-Created Miracles of Healing

Every miracle that has ever taken place… has taken place because of LOVE. The love we express to ourselves opens our heart to self-created miracles of healing. Whenever we have that powerful “A HAH” moment, that amazingly intense moment awakens us from our darkness so we can heal.

True Story - A Man Awakens from His 35 Years of Alcoholism

I remember Mike who used to work with me at a leading University. He was an alcoholic for years and he was overweight, unhappy, always muttering, nice on the outside, but not happy on the inside. He was frustrated and full of anger… and he drank a 5th of Jack Daniels every night and this went on for 35 years.

Then some health issues crept up in his life including liver disease and Mike decided to go to Alcoholics Anonymous. And for Mike AA was powerful, Mike finally embraced the way he was lying to himself. And in tears, he embraced his spiritual connection to God and Great Spirit… and right then and there he decided to give up drinking.

All of a sudden, he was a new man, kinder, gentler, easy going, always telling jokes, with a lack of concern for all the trivial negative things in life. And most of all he was happy… and this was the first time he had been happy being himself without drinking. It was a powerful and miraculous transformation and his liver disease did heal.

What About You?

Are You Ready to Transform in Order to Heal?

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider

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