Do you know that winters are the time when most of the insects tend to travel or migrate from one place to another? Obviously, some of these insects can find your home as their new place to live in. Insects often look for food and find a calm place in your home during winters.

If you are living in Gold Coast and wondering why so many insects have attacked your home this winter, the best way is to take the help of pest control Gold Coast service to get rid of these unwanted guests in the winters.

If you are the one who thinks that insects/pests leave their places during the colder months, you are wrong. They are the stubborn insects who remain active all around the year, such as bed bugs. The winter is the time that comes with various kinds of pests and insects, thus making your home a pest control challenge.

To eliminate or to prevent these pests and insects from entering or damaging your home, you must consult pest control Gold Coast experts as soon as winters are about to start.

Reasons for increasing insects in winters

Many adult pests are not able to continue their life in the frost. But, they leave their eggs that are strong enough to survive and mature fast. Some of them move to new places having warmer climates, while some of them start looking for protection from the cold weather and usually end up making your home a place to live.

On the other side, during the fall season, various kinds of insects start gathering on the sunny side of your home. It is so because most of the insects look for warmer places in and around your home.

If you have cracks and gaps in the walls of your home, these places are a big invitation to these pests and make them their home. Even if you have poorly sealed window frames, you may notice some kind of insects in those areas. So, it becomes important to get pest control Gold Coast service before or during winters.

Reasons you need Pest Control Gold Coast service before or during winter

• Carpenter ants and termites usually make wooden things, such as wooden flooring, walls, cupboards, or any kind of decaying wood their nests. To get them noticed their living places; you need to look for any kind of sign of their inhabitation. There are fewer possibilities to notice any changes until you see some damage in your home by these wood-destroying pests.

• Do you know that rats and mice just make small holes of tiny cracks to enter your home? They can bring great damage to electrical wires, foods, wooden beams, and others.

• Spider is a common pest that sometimes makes the situation so worse that you need to take the help of pest control Gold Coast. They make nests and webs in different parts of your home. Some of them are so stubborn that they simply refuse to leave some places in your home. So, you require removing their egg cases to keep them away from your home.

• Dormant insects are also riskier as they usually hide during fall and early winter to get protection from the cold temperature. Some of these insects remain dormant until spring and will be seen openly in your home when the temperature turns warmer.

• You must know that bed bugs remain active all through the year. But, they are relatively less active during winters. They reproduce and spread with great speed during the hot months. The best way to get rid of bed bugs is to consult professional pest control Gold Coast to prevent these insects from spreading the infestation.

Tips to prevent pests during winter

• You require replacing loose weather stripping and loose mortar that you have used around the windows as well as the basement foundation.

• It is very important to clean the winter clutter. You have to keep your storage areas clean and well-organized.

• Make sure to seal the holes and cracks in and around your home. Always keep in mind that rats and mice can easily enter your home from a hole, the size of a dime.

• Make sure that your home is fully sealed. Do not forget to check the frames of doors and windows as they are more likely to invite pests into your home.

• Do you have a huge collection of firewood in your home? If yes, make sure to store it a minimum of 20 feet away from your home. Ants and mice can make these woods their nests and hence, can enter your home easily.

• You also require cutting grass and removing cut leaves. Make sure to remove the lawn debris as often as you can. Insects are great lovers and they love to enjoy with their friends and family while you are asleep.

• Also, check if there is any clogged drain or leaking pipe. The kitchen is the most lovable area for cockroaches and other insects.

• To give extra care to your home from pets, you are advised to request a pest inspection from the experienced pest control Gold Coast team.

Final Words

You should also be prepared during the preparations for the festive season. Get pest control Gold Coast services to prevent pests during your festive preparation. Even if you have noticed some kind of pests in your home, call them immediately before things get worse.

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