There’s nothing worse than those first few minutes of waking up.  You don’t want to get up, you don’t want to go to work, you just want to crawl back under those covers to dream away the day.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mornings can be a pleasant time to relax, catch up on the news while mentally preparing for the day ahead.  Besides, studies prove that mornings are the most productive time of day for most people and if they properly prepare, this productivity sticks with them throughout the day.

The toughest part of a morning ritual is getting started, so plan on just how you’re going to begin. But a morning ritual is a great way to begin your day and be more productive.  Here’s some things to help you along the path of beginning your day on the right foot.

Slow it down

It takes a little time to fully wake up to be ready for the day and the last thing you want to be is a “rusher.”  You know the kind—they set the alarm for five minutes before they need to get out of bed and work and then rush out the door with a pop tart hanging out of their mouth.

That is no way to begin your day.

There is nothing worse than starting your day as a rusher, because a person needs a few minutes to wake up and get stoked for their work ahead.  Try giving yourself an extra hour in the morning in order to fully prepare for the day. Sleep in a comfortable king size beds and see what difference that makes.

If you rush off to work just minutes after waking, you start off the day groggy and grumpy and you’re not going to be nearly as productive. Besides a CBS report showed that 20% of Americans are late to work at least once a week, mostly because of poor planning, so slow your morning down.

Take this time to sip some coffee, maybe take a shower and work yourself into the day.

Develop a routine for waking up

Mornings are far more enjoyable if you develop a routine for beginning the day.  A morning routine or ritual, if you will, can really help you start off right. It relaxes you and provides a little time to clear your head of sleep and go on to face the day.

So go ahead make your coffee or tea to sip in bed for the first fifteen minutes while you catch up on news, sports or just the latest celebrity gossip.  This is aslo a great time to enjoy checking up on your Facebook or other social media.

This is also perhaps a chance to take for beginning that book that’s been sitting on the coffee table waiting for you.  Maybe take a half hour a morning out to enjoy just a chapter a day.

Then maybe take a nice warm shower before eating breakfast and getting dressed.

You will be amazed at how much more delightful this is than just rushing for the door.

Plan your day

The quiet morning hours are a excellent time to plan for the day ahead. Now, I’m not talking about anything extensive that is going to feel like work, I’m only saying this is an opportunity to think about how you plan on tackling the challenges of the day.

People think their best in morning, so use this time wisely.

Morning is the time to think about that big project sitting on your desk or prepare for that meeting with the head honcho.  The nice part about first planning when you wake in the morning, is that you’re not going to have the distractions of daily activity and you’re probably not going to have some chatter-jaw going on and on  as you’re trying to think.

This is also a way to check up on the traffic on the morning commute or plan on travelling safely to work in adverse weather conditions.

But using a little of that quiet morning time for planning out your day, takes the edge off of work and helps you prepare for any surprises that may arise.


Meditating doesn’t imply crossing your legs and with outstretched arms uttering, “ohm!”  It’s just a time of careful reflection upon your day ahead and life in general.

Quiet meditation puts you in a peaceful mood, which is exactly what you’re going to need facing rush-hour traffic and maybe a co-worker who is less than pleasant.

Your meditation period is a good time to listen to quiet music and perhaps work on a short gratitude list.  Jotting down just a few things you are thankful for, sets the right mood as you head for the stress of the work ahead. No matter how hard things get, you will always keep it in the right perspective by remembering what you are thankful for.

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An internet marketer and entrepreneur, Jeremiah write about the internet.