When we think about losing weight through traditional dieting we tend to focus on our body weight and measurements, caloric intake and forbidden food. As these are the tenants of some of the most popular diets out there, we begin to believe that manipulating these external factors is what we need to do in order to lose weight. We tend to ignore the emotional side of overeating and ignore what our body needs.

Let’s take a look at your experiences with these diets. Have you been able to lose weight and keep it off? Have you ever reached your goal weight through these programs that promise to help you lose weight quickly? If you have answered no to both of these questions then you are not alone. Many have tried traditional diets with very little success. This is due to the belief system that these diets hold.

When we begin these diets we have goals of losing weight and becoming successful and happy in our lives. What we may not realize is that trying to lose weight quickly only counteracts our goals. By not dieting and focusing on our emotional health we can lose weight while we focus on being successful and happy. You may be wondering how we can lose weight if we can no longer use our traditional beliefs about dieting.

In order to free ourselves from the negative beliefs about losing weight we must determine the real problems to our overeating. We must realize that our overeating is due to our emotional relationship with food. This is why traditional beliefs about dieting are wrong. When we only focus on the external factors of losing weight we do not get to the root cause of our overeating.

There still may be some uncertainty that the belief system that we have held onto is wrong. After all, when we diet we do end up losing weight. The focus should not be on the fact that we lose weight when we diet, but rather that we always gain it back. We can lose weight quickly until our emotions flip on and feel the need to overeat. This is why it is important to determine the emotional side of eating.

Let’s take a look at how a diet plan works. A person or group of people determine a diet plan and present it to the masses. How can a diet plan work for all people when everybody’s body is different? We all have different physical needs. Each of our bodies responds differently to the same food. By listening to our body we can know what our body needs to maintain our health.

So if we cannot hold onto our beliefs then what should we do? In order to lose weight we need to work on determining why we overeat and find ways to love ourselves. We need to not focus on our external selves but rather learn to listen to our bodies. We have the ability to not buy into traditional diet plans and learn new ways to live and be happy.

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