For people with a low self-esteem, improving your self esteem must become a pre-requisite for your journey to success. That does not mean that you cannot start your journey but in parallel, also work on improving your self-esteem.
So how is our self-esteem formed? It is formed from birth, all the experiences we have had, what we have heard and felt and our thoughts we connect to our experiences. If we have low self-esteem, we could have experienced situations that made us feel uncomfortable, unwanted, embarrassed or alone in the past. Neural pathways are formed in our brains every time we think and the more often we have a certain thought, the stronger that pathway becomes. Eventually, it is the way you will automatically think about something.
Why is your self esteem so important to your success then? It is important because as individuals, we cannot perform beyond the limits of the way we see ourselves, whatever those limits may be. So if you have a low self-esteem, you may have more boundaries than a person who has high self-esteem. You might say, I would love to do this, but I am not clever enough – that is a boundary, a self imposed limit, you have put up for yourself.
Negative self-talk, consciously or unconsciously only reinforces the negative thoughts and brings us down. Very soon our minds start believing these statements as true, as facts and our behavior changes according to how we feel.

The way we feel about ourselves, good or bad, has a direct result on our productivity. Feeling low and bad about ourselves will most likely be followed by not being as productive as you could be if you had good feelings about yourself. When we feel good the world looks better, our relationships seem better and our productivity increases but the opposite is also true when we don´t feel good about ourselves. So feeling bad about yourself – effects how productive you are.
High self esteem on the other hand, does not mean having a big ego, people who have a high self-esteem are not arrogant and vain. People with high self-esteems don’t feel the need to compete with others, unlike people with a low self-esteem.
You want to ensure you are working towards improving your self-esteem. A negative self-esteem can impair your job performance and it can create depression, stress, anxiety and even problems with relationships. If you have a high self-esteem, it’s more likely that you are creating the life you love and that you are more motivated in doing this.

So what can we do to change a low self-esteem? Here are a few tips…

1. We need to become aware of our self limiting beliefs and ask ourselves, how does this way of thinking benefit me? If it does not, you need to change your belief on something. Read more about how your beliefs affect your world
2. We can also improve our self-esteem through the use of positive affirmations. When we say to ourselves, I am not good enough – we need to change these negative affirmations to ourselves for positives ones – I am good enough! Read more about auto-suggestion
3. Stop comparing yourself to others - comparing yourself to others could be the main source of a low self-esteem. It could be a habit we started at an early age – a bad habit. Try to catch yourself in the process next time you compare yourself and remember, comparing yourself to others is pointless, there has never been or will be a person just like you!
4. Read books and take courses – there are many free e-courses that you could do to improve your self esteem and books to read. If you need a few suggestions, send me an email.
5. You could sign up for a personal coaching program
6. Hang around positive people and people who make you feel good about yourself. Don´t spend time around people who put you down, criticize you or make you feel less about yourself!
Having a positive self-esteem seems to be necessary for having a healthy and a happy existence, it doesn’t matter who we are or what profession we have in life.

Author's Bio: 

Kirstin O´Donovan is a Success and Personal Growth Coach. Originally from South Africa but now residing in Spain. She has been working and studying in the self-development world for over 6 years and has her own coaching practice in Madrid. Her passion is to help people succeed in whatever it is that is important to them and to improve the lives of others.