Refrigerators are very a very common household product for storing food and beverages. From storing vegetables, home cooked foods to your favorite ice cream, refrigerators are used for so many tasks. Due to their multi-tasking ability to store food and beverage of any kind, refrigerators are designed not only for domestic purposes but they are widely used for commercial use also. From storing food at a cold storage to keeping food fresh in your home, refrigerators do a lot of tasks for us.

Technical advancements have made refrigerators able to do a lot of other tasks as well. If you are a wine lover you certainly know how important it is for you to store your favorite wine on a specific temperature so that every sip of your wine tastes great. Today there are refrigerators designed solely to keep your wine stored at a particular temperature that the ordinary refrigerators are not able to do. You might be thinking why there is a need for these specially designed refrigerators when you already have a refrigerator at home that can easily do the job for you. Well there is a difference between the ordinary refrigerator at home and a wine cooler.

Contrary To its Name Wine Fridge is Lot More Different:

For most people fridge means a product that is used to store food, beverages and other consumable items at a constant temperature. But wine coolers are a lot more different than ordinary refrigerators used at a home or commercial setting. For serious wine collectors it is very vital to store their favorite wine at a temperature ranging between 50° and 59° Fahrenheit.

The main difference between a fridge and a wine cooler from a reputed brand like the KingsBottle USA is that a fridge is used to preserve wine but wine coolers are used to age them properly. There is a major difference between preserving a wine and aging it. In old times wine lovers used to have private bodegas in their mansions and wine cooler is an advanced prototype of that old fancy cellar. Wine coolers are very efficient in maintaining stable temperature that is required to age a wine just like it is done in wineries.

What Makes Wine Coolers Differ From Regular Fridge?

Wine coolers are not only meant to store wine for an elongated period but they play a different role. Wine coolers are designed in such a way that they don’t have natural light which damages the wine. This is one of the reason that most wine bottles have dark thick glass to protect the wine but in reality the thick dark glass cannot withstand long exposure to natural light. And this is where wine coolers step in because they are designed with features that don’t let natural light ruin the taste of wine.

Because of this feature of wine cooler it is widely in demand by restaurants and wine lovers around the world. Wine coolers comes in various sizes to store wide number of bottles. Beside this wine coolers are made up of superior quality components be it the compressor, controller or the relays. So if you are a wine lover and want to keep your wine at a constant temperature so that when you take out your wine for a special occasion it taste great then opt for a wine cooler as per your requirement.

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